Welcome to September and Happy Labor Day! If you believe internet conspiracy theorists, we are once again entering the last month of human existence. Sad to think about on a holiday implemented for relaxation, but I think we all need to encourage one another to make sure we’re at least reading, watching, and listening to the right movie stuff on the way out.  With that in mind, here’s the best the internet has to offer from the last week:

  • First, Wall Street Journal Speakeasy‘s John Jurgensen provides a “fact-checking” interview with director Ben Kwapis about his film A Walk in the Woods, an Appalachian Trail buddy film, starring Nick Nolte and Robert Redford.
  • Bertie Gilbert Films gives us Blue Sushi, a short film focusing on what it means to be transgender (starring an actual transgender actor in the lead role so lets hope that starts a long-needed trend).
  • Hell’s Club from ANTONIO MARIA DA SILVA AMDSFILMS is the ultimate fan film AND mash-up, an explosive marriage of the best between the crime science-fiction genres.
  • After being somewhat let down by the film The End of the Tour, Web Bist, our friend and host of the podcast It’s Terrific, revisited the writing of the film’s subject, David Foster Wallace, in an effort to understand his reaction to the movie.
  • Lastly, if we’re on our way out, we should reflect on one of the most magical eras in cinema. Movie Fail’s Jonny Smith gives a descriptive catalog of several of the brave and brilliant artists of the silent film era.


Special thanks to Katherine B. Shelor and Diego Crespo for their contributions this week.

Featured Image: Broad Green Pictures