I love comic books and I love movies, and most of the time I love comic book movies; however, the ones I like tend to be superhero ones while the comics not based on caped crusaders tend to be pretty bad (Watchmen, From Hell, Kick Ass, Wanted, R.I.P.D. etc). There are tons of properties that still could be adapted and done well, so here we present a list of the best comic books of this year, and how they could be turned into great movies.


Image Comics

Southern Bastards (Jason Aaron/Jason Latour)

Southern Bastards is, at the moment, only six issues in and already shaping up to be one of the most shocking, ugly, violent, and brilliant comic books on the stands. Jason Aaron (Scalped, Thor: God of Thunder, Original Sin) is the master of these kinds of country noir stories where bad people square off against worse people. In this case our hero is Earl Tubb, an angry old man who is forced to return to Alabama to pack up the old family home and never return to the town again. Unfortunately, as is usually the case with these sorts of stories, he gets himself involved in some town politics and has to bust a few skulls. The villain of the piece, local football coach Euless Boss (Coach Boss) runs the town with an iron fist both on and off the football pitch. This comic is Southern style deep-fried madness and has an early twist that sets it up to be something as good as or better than Aaron’s masterpiece, Scalped.

The Movie: Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood as Coach Boss with Jeff Bridges as Earl Tubbs. Rated R and dripping in blood and BBQ sauce.


Image Comics

EARL TUBBS (Image Comics)

Image Comics

COACH BOSS (Image Comics)