Not everyone has what it takes to sit through 90-120 minutes of a horror film. Maybe you like the available time, or the long-term courage. In either event, if you’re looking to be scared in small doses, we have just the thing for you: the second installment of our series that captures YouTube videos scarier than horror films.

You can catch the first installment here, and a new set of ten nightmare videos below.

“Don’t Talk, Just Listen”

Paul Michael Stephani was a serial killer who took the lives of five women in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The video above collects the terrifying phone calls he made to emergency services immediately after each heinous act.

Haunted Puppet Moves on Its Own

I’d say we can just about call it quits on the clown hysteria, right? I think the world has had enough. Maybe we can move on to some other common creep-out? How about puppets? In the video, we see a security camera watching an encased puppet. The footage was taken by ghost hunter Jayne Harris after the original owner claimed that the puppet had tried to choke him.

Music-less Chandelier

Suggested by [twitter-follow username=”mathlfregthe” scheme=”dark”] on Twitter, this video stands as a testimony to the power of great sound design within horror movies. Video artist Mario Wienerroither removes the music from Sia’s Chandelier video and incorporates his own sound effects to completely transform the sequence of the dancing child from something inspirational to something more . . . sinister? Be sure to stick around for the eyeball squish.

WKCR Incident

In 1995, Columbia University’s WKCR radio station was disrupted by strange noises and the reading of random obituaries that included Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb. Like many broadcast interruptions, this one was never solved, but it stands out as one of the creepiest of all time. The full recording is in the video above.

“Eric Harris Rocks My World”

Recommended by Twitter user [twitter-follow username=”filmfanWA” scheme=”dark”], this video shows on of many clips uploaded to a now-private channel by Lynn Ann, an obsessive fan of Eric Harris. For those of you who don’t know, Eric Harris was one of the two high schoolers who murdered 15 fellow students in Columbine High School in Colorado. Her affection with the killer, who committed suicide after his crime, combined with her strangely empty glare and repetitive proclamation make this one of the more truly upsetting videos from a channel that was full of upsetting videos. Many of the videos are still preserved by the anonymous account.

The Levitating Girl

This video shows a man and his dog stumbling upon a woman who appears to levitating her child comes. It would be a whole lot easier to dismiss this clip as a well-made fake were it not for the performance of the dog.

The Art Bell Area 51 Incident

Art Bell had a popular radio show called Coast to Coast AM for conspiracy theorist and supernatural fanatics. Most of the material on the show reflected the quality of the intended audience. In 1997, however, a man called into the show and provided one of the more convincing and eerie radio moments you’ll ever hear. The caller, claiming to be a former Area 51 military worker, sounds authentically distressed and desperate as he attempts to warn listeners of impending disasters and “interdimensional beings,” which might be creepy enough on its own, were it not for the unexpected and ominous silencing of the entire radio station that occurs in the middle of his call, by the time the backup kicks in and the station comes back on air, the caller has been lost.

Spiders Everywhere

Let’s end with a trilogy. Sleep well, everyone, and happy Halloween!

Featured Image: Chandelier – Inertia/Monkey Puzzle/RCA