I’m a fan of horror, the internet, and people with creative visions. The mixture of the three gives us a wide and diverse selection of short horror films online for our October viewing pleasure. It’s a bit tough looking for the right ones, but there’s nothing quite like finding the perfect little horror film at two o’clock in the morning. That being said, and following up on our list from last year, here are ten more scary short films you can watch right now:

1.) Selfie (2013) – Directed by Drew Daywalt

With just a three minutes and forty-four second runtime, Selfie manages to set the stage for creepiness, intensify it to a level of terror, and actually pull off a clever twist.

2.) Lights Out (2013) – Directed by David Sanberg

I hate everyone involved in this production for being so talented at making an effective short horror film. Not only does it utilize jump scares well, but the escalation of tension works to a satisfying, or terrifying, pay-off. I’m never going to turn my lights off.

3.) Bedtime (2013) – Directed by Jonathan Castillo

Bedtime may seem like a conventional horror film meant to just get scares out of you, but the story and slow build-up are enough to separate it from the pack. I’ll say no more.

4.) The Alphabet (1968) – Directed by David Lynch

David Lynch’s films may not be for everyone, but he definitely will mess with your head. Take for instance one of his earlier films, The Alphabet, which he based on a story his wife told him of her niece reciting the alphabet in her sleep. Lynch took that anecdote and somehow made a distressing film about someone’s mind being impregnated with the alphabet. I’m not entirely sure what it means, but it’s really disturbing.

5.) Bedtime is at 10 (2015) – Directed by Noor Hamade and Dimitri Yuri

Bedtime is at 10, while in need of a better score, is a creepy short film that manages to rekindle the feelings of isolation and detachment when left home alone at night as a child.

6.) The Little Mermaid (2012) – Directed by Nicholas Humphries

Probably the most unique video on this list, The Little Mermaid is a supernatural horror film. What I find special about this short is the way the filmmakers transform obvious budget constraints into an effectively disturbing and atmospheric horror short.

7.) He Dies at the End (2008) – Directed by Damian McCarthy

The title gives it away, but that’s not exactly a bad thing, as it and the film itself play with the question, and effectively asks the audience, “Would you actually want to know how you die?” It’s a well-made, inventive, and somewhat energetic short film. We could use more horror films like this.

8.) Suckablood (2012) – Directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy

Suckablood is not exactly your traditional horror film. It actually falls more along the lines of a Crimson Peak than a slasher or ghost story, but it is creepy and entertaining nonetheless. No doubt that it’s visual style is what made it stand out.

9.) Alexia (2015) – Directed by Andrés Borghi

This is the film that deserves the title “Unfriended.” It may not be new or inventive, but it is genuinely scary watching a psychotic, undead, ex-girlfriend try and kill this guy for un-friending her on Facebook.

10.) Milkman (2015) – Directed by Amber Langston

Milkman is a really well-directed throwback to classic horror films. It has a seemingly Psycho/Halloween– inspired villain in the Milkman, and a really unsettling story. This list will most likely attract traditional horror fans, and if you are one of those, you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Featured Image: The Alphabet – Directed by David Lynch