Weekend @ the Box Office

Do you like movies? If yes, then you probably went to the theaters this weekend because there were plenty of choices to choose from. If you didn’t see Mockingjay Part 1 coming in at number one, you’re blind. The pretty good first half of the final chapter of the trilogy brought in $123,000,000 on opening weekend. I’m honestly surprised it didn’t make over $150 million. Many have pointed out the box office this year has been significantly lower than most, and the lack of an IMAX bonus is sure to have contributed to the lowest opening of the franchise. Big Hero 6 dropped just over 40% in its third week to gross $20,086,000. Interstellar still trails behind Big Hero 6 with a 46% drop and brought in another $15,100,000. Dumb and Dumber To fell 61% in its second weekend with $13,820,000 and continues to be a movie that exists. Gone Girl refuses to leave the top 5 by pulling $2,815,000. The final two choices in the top 5 prove exactly just how powerful word of mouth is when it comes to movies.

Movie News

A bit of a slow week for movie news. (No superhero news of any importance. When was the last time that happened?) However, one story proves Sony Pictures is learning how to screw up with more than just a superhero franchise. Variety reports the studio has officially dropped the Aaron Sorkin penned Steve Jobs biopic. It seems like every week, this production is plagued with more problems. All we know now is that Universal is going to try to pick up the pieces, with Seth Rogen being targeted for Steve Wozniak and Danny Boyle still directing. All that’s left for Sony to screw up is their James Bond franchise. (If I just jinxed it, I’m sorry.)

Speaking of Bond, Christoph Waltz is still going to play against Craig’s Bond in Bond 24 (the unofficial Jack Bauer crossover we always wanted). The Daily Mail has a rumor that Waltz will be playing none other than the iconic Bond villain known as Ernst Blofeld. He’s played a Nazi war criminal already, now we just need to see if he can pull off a sinister look while petting a cat. This will be the Oscar winning actor’s true test.

Did you love Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? If yes, then you’re a good person. Andy Serkis loves you. Andy Serkis loves you so much that the planned Apes trilogy may extend far beyond a trilogy. The plan is to reach the eventual status the apes had in the original Planet of the Apes film, but don’t expect the next movie to hop hundreds of years into the future. Many people think that the next film will close off the Cesar trilogy, establishing him as the Monkey Moses. But director Matt Reeves and Andy Serkis know that the Apes story is bigger than Cesar.

Lastly, Chris Pratt is going to star in Cowboy Ninja Viking which means the world isn’t such a bad place after all. I don’t know what it’s about, but I assume it has to do with Cowboys, Ninjas, or Vikings. Possibly all three! What I do know is that Chris Pratt is going to lead another movie, and that is always a good thing. Now I’m going to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy for the ninth time.

Okay, I lied. There is a rumor that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer will premiere somehow at some point at some place this Thanksgiving weekend. If that’s true, it will probably leak online at some point or just hit the web soon. It’s Star Wars. It doesn’t even need a trailer. You know we’re all going to see it. Just stay in this weekend to stay warm and eat lots of food. Treat yo self.

Trailer of the Week

Do you have your ticket for the long way ‘round? Did you miss the pitches while they were gone? I sure did. Pitch Perfect was a big surprise for me. It was so good, that we should just show it to sexist assholes with the tagline: “Look what your hateful ways have you missing out on?” PP2 is Elizabeth Banks’ first foray into directing. From the trailer, it looks like she nailed it. The visuals look light and candy colored, the jokes hit the perfect *ahem* Pitch… I’m not one for the “fat person falls down” gags, but I burst out laughing at Rebel Wilson’s instructional stair throw. Most of all, it’ll be nice to return to this world where these lovely ladies spend time singing fast and taking names. As for David Cross going full on Warriors status, I can only hope the movie takes a dramatic turn with the Bellas being framed for his murder, requiring the Bellas dance fighting their way back home.

Tweets of the Week