The 90s are back, baby! Massive, explosive, and corny as hell, the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer is a reminder of what summer movies are all about! There’s really no question of story or a mystery box presence here, as Roland Emmerich delivers exactly what we expect from an Independence Day sequel, complete with all the fan-service we can handle.

What’s most appealing about this latest trailer (y’know besides the sheer power of Jeff Goldblum) is seeing humanity combat the alien forces with advanced technology cobbled together from the first invasion. There’s little doubt that the story will share a lot of similarities to the original film, but this technological advancement practically assures some diversification in terms of action, and really action and explosions are what we go to Emmerich movies for. But perhaps, there’s something greater to look forward to: a unification that our world desperately needs right now, regardless of whether it be through the lens of a popcorn movie.

We’ll be celebrating Independence Day on June 24th this year!

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox