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(The Best Frames of 2017)

5. A Cure for Wellness – Mirror Pool

20th Century Fox

Bojan Bazelli makes a lovely use of the landscape throughout A Cure for Wellness, and in this shot he manages to capture the majesty of the setting and Hannah’s refection in the water which hints at the deeper mystery at the heart of the film.

4- The Florida Project – Hitchhiking at Sunset


In this shot, Alexis Zabe finds the quiet beauty in Orlando, away from the tourist spots and motels, and also creates a sense that innocence is reaching its end.

3. Get Out – The Sunken Place

Universal Pictures

Jordan Peele and cinematographer, Toby Oliver, created one of the most iconic images of the year with the sunken place. The use of negative space and the frame of light (whiteness) above creates a haunting picture that drives the film’s themes home.

2. Dunkirk – A Fiery Farewell

Warner Bros.

After a breathtaking landing sequence by Christopher Nolan, Hoyte Van Hoytema punctuates Tom Hardy’s near wordless performance with a gorgeous, and mournful funeral pyre for the Spitfire that turned the tide of the evacuations.

1. Blade Runner 2049 – Good Joe

Warner Bros.

There’s no shot this year that I’ve looked at more, or been more fascinated by than Roger Deakins’ shot that serves as a reminder of just how small we are, but also how important we can be. It’s this moment that reaffirms K’s identity as an individual, someone who can love and be loved.

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