• James Gunn debunked a pretty heavy Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 spoiler. (HeroicHollywood + Facebook)
  • Chris Hemsworth wants Thor: Ragnarok to have some Guardians style flavor. (CinemaBlend)
  • Hemsworth may be circling another franchise in Allan Quatermain. (TrackingBoard)
  • Gal Gadot shows off her Wonder Woman look as production begins for the character’s titular movie. (Twitter)
  • The Spirit Awards are up for your viewing pleasure. (AE)
  • Tom Cruise might join the remake of The Mummy. (Deadline)
  • Marvel has released a $199.99 Phase 2 Blu-ray collection with cool new artwork for the individual movies. (Amazon)
  • Morgan Freeman’s Momentum makes an unbelievable amount of money at the UK box office. It’s unbelievable in the worst possible way. (Telegraph)
  • The Fantastic Four (2015) is officially sequel-less. (BoxOfficeMojo)
  • Neill Blomkamp’s indefinitely delayed Aliens 5 would have focused on a passing of the torch from Ripley to Newt. (IconsOfFright)
  • Vin Diesel announces a Riddick spinoff and TV show. (Vin Diesel’s Instagram)
  • Tarantino’s Hateful Eight gets another trailer and poster. (AE)
  • Nicki Minaj is in Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, which means it is very important to watch. (Warner Bros. Pictures)
  • Carol looks better and better. (AE)
  • Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s new movie Central Intelligence gets a trailer. (Warner Bros. Pictures)


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to go to war with itself next summer. On May 6 2016 Captain America trades blows with Iron Man as the two lead opposing heroes against one another in Captain America: Civil War. As they kids say, “It looks lit, fam.”



Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures