So, class, you’ve completed your marathons and now you think you’re tough.

You’re not tough. You’ve done nothing yet.

A 24 hour movie marathon is the ultimate challenge. It will consume a day of your life (and big chunks of the days on either side for preparation and catching up on sleep) and can become an issue of endurance rather than enjoyment. It requires a lot of planning in order to hit the exact 24 hour mark while including bathroom breaks and factoring in when to order the pizza so that it arrives between movies. It is also an endeavour that you may need to take on solo, as it can be a big ask to get a partner or friend to spend 24 hours in your company watching movies for no reason other than because it feels like something to do.

For the sake of this article I’m going to throw out ideas, rather than a concrete plan. I’ll give you ideas for movies to pick and you can work out the amount of break time you need. Consider it homework.

There are movie series that are big enough to fit a 24 hour model. As discussed in movie marathons, the Friday the 13th movies with remake and crossover will do it, and it also decides for you which day of the week upon which you need to do this marathon.

The MCU now has enough movies to do this, but requires the removal of some movies to fit into 24 hours. Currently, with Age of Ultron included, the MCU is around 27 hours long so requires the removal of at least two movies. I would say that removing Iron Man 2 affects nothing and, as much as it pains me to remove it, Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the movies (yet) so in order to make the times work I would jettison it.

The Star Trek movie series (old and new) has enough to hit 24 hours (though it doesn’t give much break time). With the series’ rep for having some outstanding movies and some god-awful ones there is some room for dumping out the bad movies and supplementing them with some great episodes from the multitude of TV shows (or throwing Galaxy Quest into the mix).

The Bond movies present the viewer with some room for creativity. To watch every film from Dr No to Skyfall takes somewhere in the region of two days. To get a 24 hour marathon out of it would simply involve dumping out the crap movies (sorry, majority of Roger Moore’s movies) until you have a 24 hour marathon of great Bond.24 HOUR4

The horror genre most lends itself to this treatment. There are definitely 24 hours of movies about zombies/vampires/werewolves/Frankensteins/slashers/stalkers/ghosts for you to mix and match to make a marathon. The great thing about horror is that there are enough horror comedies to mingle with the straight horrors so that the watchers get a nice mix of movies.

I would say the genre most unsuited for this treatment is romantic comedies. There are only going to be so many movies about clumsy women who work high powered jobs but can’t seem to get their personal life together that you can watch before your eyes climb out of your head and garrote you with your own optical cords.

It would be tempting to watch 24 hours of bad movies because you can make fun of them with a group of people, but after a couple of them you will begin to stop finding them funny and you will crave some classics to wash out the taste of watching Kevin James run into a window over and over.

Finally, avoid long movies. The temptation will be to think that if you watch 3 hour movies then you can watch less and the time will pass quickly. Wrong. Longer movies equal longer times between breaks. Relish those breaks. Take that time to get a glass of water and look out of the window. Remind yourself that even though you’re spending 24 hours watching Star Trek movies you’re still a human being. You’re not an animal.


Next time, class, we’ll be talking about how to sequel. And this time, it’s personal.