This was supposed to be a list of 10 things we want to see in Jessica Jones season 2 – as in improvements, changes, etc. I’m going to be real with all of you…there just aren’t enough issues in the first season of Jessica Jones to warrant a list of 10 things that need fixing. The first outing with everyone’s favorite whiskey drinker is about as excellent as one could hope for in terms of superhero storytelling. But here are a few things we’d like to see in the recently confirmed second season (with SPOILERS for Season 1):

  1. Larger Scale Mystery – The first season was entirely personal for Jessica as she fought to stop the man who had ruined her life and the lives of so many others. The drive was on a smaller scale than Daredevil’s gentrification story arc with Kingpin – it worked perfectly as a metaphor for a trauma survivor to overcome the devil that sought to put her down. Now that Kilgrave is in the ground, we should see Jessica take on bigger mysteries. Chinatown with Jessica Jones and company which leads me to…
  2. Original Stories – The first season primarily followed the “Alias” comic arc and brought it to a satisfying conclusion. Now we need to see Jessica Jones in her true element – saving people in any way she knows how. No, she doesn’t need to be a straight up superhero with a costume or any of that nonsense. Although I’d kill to see her fight crime in the sandwich costume. Jessica Jones is a good person at heart who has trouble – to put it lightly – not fucking up. I’d like to see her go up against a broader mystery with seemingly standalone cases that pile up on each other.
  3. New Villains – I want to see Jessica Jones tackle different forms of power and oppression. Where the first season had one villain maybe a faceless corporation would be a worthy opponent for JJ. As I mentioned in an earlier paragraph, Chinatown. Maybe not necessarily verbatim but the concept is in the right spot. With the next season appearing to delve more into the IGF and how Jessica got her abilities, maybe we could have her face off against other super powered henchmen. Spider-Man usually has all the cool street level baddies and that Marvel/Sony deal just went through last year… Maybe we could get some Molten Man action or Will’O’Wisp as a non-corporeal thief. If you want to bring back Kilgrave for a cameo, Mysterio has the utilities to get some trippy dream sequences going on. Regardless of who Jessica goes up against, she’s going to need all the help she can get.
  4. Crossovers – Jessica Jones and Jessica Jones needed to stand on their own for the first season more so than Daredevil. The character’s trauma had her feel isolated but by the time she snaps Kilgrave’s neck, she is at least more open to working with others. We had occasional crossovers with Luke Cage, a character whose show hasn’t even started yet, but he still informed Jessica’s season arc. First things first: more Claire Temple. We’re two Marvel Netflix shows deep and Rosario Dawson hasn’t had nearly enough screentime. Furthermore, Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock inhabit the same neighborhoods. Let’s say there is a massive conspiracy angle to the next season, a duo of lawyers and their assistant could come in handy in exposing criminal conspiracies. But we all know there’s only one person Jessica Jones will always count on…
  5. Hellcat – Patricia “Trish” “Patty” Walker is a godsend of a character. She is no one’s sidekick, has her own agency, and is the second most important character in the show next to Jessica. She was born to be a hero. In the comics she steals the cosmic cube from Thanos in his Thanoscopter. (Because how else is Thanos supposed to get around on Earth?) I doubt we’ll see anything like that next season, but Trish is bound to become a superhero. Maybe Jessica spends some time rediscovering herself now that she’s finally overcome Kilgrave and Patty takes up the focus for a period of time as we follow her superheroic exploits. Whether or not she gets her costume is something else entirely. Though I’d love to see a completely comic book costume like Hellcat’s brought to life in the much darker Marvel Netflix series.

Jessica Jones season 2 returns at some point. Stay posted to AE with any future information.

Featured Image: Netflix