News Roundup

  • DC leads the headlines with a full roundup special of their own (AE)
  • Tom Cruise’s Mummy reboot now has a new release date (EW)
  • Star Wars Episode 8 will now open December 15, 2017 (StarWars)
  • Avatar 2 also pushed back to an unspecified date (TheWrap)
  • Christopher McQuarrie may have saved Star Wars: Rogue One (BMD)
  • Cate Blanchett is being groomed to be the villain of Thor: Ragnarok with a little extra (Geek)
  • POTENTIAL SPOILERS: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 might have one of the weirdest Marvel characters yet (Geek)
  • Mark Ruffalo describers Thor: Ragnarok as a buddy road trip movie – IN SPACE (Empire)
  • Benedict Wong cast as Wong in Strange (THR)
  • Deadpool won’t be deading any pools in China (THR)
  • Jet Li and Vin Diesely are going to fight in XXX 3 which I promise you will not be a pornography (THR)
  • Tarantino’s next movie might be set Down Under (SIIAG?)
  • Key and Peele’s debut movie Keanu has a red band trailer to make your heart smile (ComedyCentral)
  • Neighbors 2 promises more of the same – thankfully the same happens to be hilarious (YouTube)
  • Dwayne Johnson drops an exclusive (???) casting announcement for the upcoming, Hard R, Baywatch reboot (TheRock)
  • Andrew Haigh of 45 Years is ready to direct Alexander McQueen Biopic (Deadline)
  • If you’re not tired of hearing how hard it was to make The Revenant there’s a 44 minute documentary about how hard it was to make The Revenant (20thCenturyFox)
  • If you’re not tired of hearing how crazy Jared Leto’s method acting became, David Ayer promises it’ll be worth it (USA)
  • Ben Affleck was inspired by Zack Snyder to possibly do a superhero film (USA)
  • Does the timeline of X-Men movies confuse you? Don’t worry, they apparently make it up as they go (Collider)
  • Simon Kinberg details on how they choose what X-Men to use in the franchise (Collider)
  • Johnny Depp has set his eyes on multiple frontiers; Triple Frontier to be exact. (Variety)
  • Terminator Genisys did not Generate enough profit to keep its sequel date of 5/19/17 (ExhibitorRelations)
  • The upcoming reboots of Spider-Man and Jumanji get new release dates (Variety)



The Suicide Squad trailer is the most intriguing film in the DC lineup for its radically different tone (i.e, not just aping Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy) and excellent use of Bohemian Rhapsody. Although I’m not sure about Leto’s Heath Ledger impression. (AE)