News Roundup

• Drew McWeeny has heard some worried rumblings from Warner Bros. in regards to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and their entire DC lineup (Hitfix)
• Joe Carnahan shares pre-vis for Bad Boys III on twitter (JoeCarnahan)
• We have every trailer from Super Bowl 50 up for your viewing pleasure (AE)
BvS gets the best trailer of the week (AE)
The Purge 3 looks even better than its predecessor (AE)
• If you’re someone who contributed money to the last Transformers movie, you are responsible for this recent development: Transformers sequels will happen once a year. (Deadline)
• Ava DuVernay circles two Sci-Fi films with Lupita Nyong’o potentially starring in one of them (THR)
• Charlize Theron is up for the villain role in Fast and Furious 8 (Variety)
• Ryan Reynolds says an X-Force movies is “a priority” (Filmstarts)
• Matt Damon catches us up to speed with Jason Bourne (EW)
Equals, the love story between Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, two people who are far too attractive to not be attracted to one another, gets a trailer (A24)
• Johnny Depp will star as Universal’s Invisible Man (THR)
Star Wars: Episode 8 begins officially filming after early pickups last year. (EW)
High-Rise drops a main trailer and showcases literal class warfare (StudioCanalUK)
• Michael Fassbender compares Assassin’s Creed to The Matrix (Empire)
• Highly anticipated and critically acclaimed feature The Lobster gets an official trailer (Alchemy)
• Less anticipated and less acclaimed feature Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates gets an official trailer (20thCenturyFox)
• Ghostbusters can’t bust ghosts without a dope set of wheels. Check out what our new Ghostbusters will be working with this summer (Collider)
• The Huntsman: Winter’s War gets a second trailer and it looks even weirder than its predecessor (UniversalPictures)
xXx: The Return of Xander Cage gets some self-promotion from Vin Diesel. Isn’t he just the best? (VinDiesel)
• The first official trailer for Hardcore Henry, a first person action movie, was just released (STXEntertainment)
• Lance Armstrong biopic The Program gets a riveting trailer (Movieclips)
• A Sonic the Hedgehog movie is on its way (Worldfolio)
Brothers Grimsby has a second red band trailer (SonyPictures)
Battlestar Galactica will get a theatrical reboot (TheTrackingBoard)
• Tilda Swinton shines in the trailer for A Bigger Splash (FoxSearchlight)
• Rogue One writer will adapt 21 Years to Midnight (THR)
• An offer has gone out to Jennifer Jason Leigh to star in Alex Garland’s upcoming Annihilation alongside Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Gina Rodriguez (TheWrap)
• Kristen Stewart, James Franco, and Helena Bonham Carter will star in the Hollywood-set transgender hoax story JT Leroy (THR)
Ready Player One moves out of the Star Wars crosshairs of December 15, 2017 (Collider)
Collateral Beauty didn’t get the Star Wars memo and will go up against Rogue One (Collider)
Divergent finale film Ascendant loses its director (Collider)


Will Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice actually be any good? Who knows. What we do know is we finally have a great trailer. Batman gets the spotlight in this trailer and quotes Dick Cheney which is… odd. But call it as it is: this is a standout trailer. I’m talking Man of Steel quality good trailer. We even get to hear Wonder Woman speak and give a battle cry. It sets the stage for a conflict none of us are particularly invested in but at least finds the right tone for a marketable trailer. Now if only we could get this universe pinned down.