Horror is a freight train in 2017, starting stronger than ever with Jordan Peele’s Get Out and delivering on nearly every promise made so far (check out our recent reviews of A Dark Song, The Devil’s Candy, and The Void, to name a few)

Now another body horror film steps into the ring this year with Norbert Kiel’s directorial debut Replace, telling the story of Kira (Rebecca Forsythe) a young woman who discovers a mysterious, rapidly-growing patch of dry, dead skin on her body. Pushed to her emotional limits, when she discovers her skin can be replaced with the healthy skin of others, she has some tough choices to make. Body horror is something really special and at it’s most effective should lead to a hearty gag followed up by “Awesome.” Check out the trailer below to see if it has the potential to churn your guts or not.

Major bonus: Replace is co-written by Richard Stanley, a man who is very high on my “most interesting people” list and that alone makes this movie a must-see. Fan favourite Barbara Crampton also stars giving you some of that sweet nostalgia with her recent comeback, it seems like she’s everywhere!

Featured Image: Sparkling Pictures