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Horror is only limited by our minds, and then by the restrictions of whatever medium it finds itself in. Here at Audiences Everywhere we talk mostly about movies, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to scare yourself in the safety of your own home. Daniel Rodriquez over at Movie Pilot today has compiled a solid list of horror comics to snatch up from your local shop. Speaking of which, it’s not featured on this list, but did you read 2008’s Locke & Key yet? Written by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s mini-me) it tells the story of a bunch of teenagers with access to portals to, well, you should probably just read them in one sitting to find out. I got mine from the local library. People can still do that!

Now these are the kind of comic book movies I could get behind. I know I’m going to be picking up House of Penance as soon as possible, so what are you reading?

Featured Image: Dark Horse Comics