I’ve been thinking about Naomi Watts a lot lately. Maybe it’s because of her upcoming part in the Twin Peaks revival, or maybe it’s because of that sly incident of revenge on public transit. Historically, for whatever the reason, when Watts has made her way onto  my radar, I find myself immediately on board (even a disappointing trip to the theatre to see Shut In, but we won’t talk about that.) Her work and performances in the past have shown she’s capable of understanding the nuances of human behaviour and fantasy, and that’s why it’s perfect she’s cast as a sexy, line-crossing therapist in the upcoming Netflix thriller Gypsy.

Watts stars as Jean Holloway, a reputable therapist with a perfect life who begins to let her fantasies take over. The first 10-episode season “offers a deep dive into the underexplored world of female desire” and airs on Netflix at an undetermined date.

I’m ready.

Get excited with me and take a first look at some shots from Gypsy in this Entertainment Weekly interview with Naomi Watts.

Featured Image: Netflix