The Marvel Cinematic Universe hype doesn’t look like it’ll simmer down anytime soon. Like the Netflix choices, I thought I’d continuously stoke the idea flames with more movies fans would enjoy from the almighty Marvel Studios.

Under Siege: or Anything that Involves the Masters of Evil

Any type of movie with the Masters of Evil is a must watch for me. Superhero team ups are going to become commonplace. We need super-villains to combine forces and smack the ever living crap out of our heroes. The MCU might have merely serviceable villains (who are consequently killed off), so it might take a while to establish formidable opponents. At the very least, it would be good fun to watch a bunch of D-level villains come together for an A-level buffet of villainy.

Avengers: Kang Dynasty

Kurt Busiek has the best run on Avengers comics. His Ultron Unlimited story appears to be heavily inspiring the Age of Ultron finale which is like Prisoner of Azkaban inspiring a Spider-Man movie (only good things). But arguably, his best story is a 16 issue run where Kang the Conqueror, a time traveling villain from the 30th century, comes to rule the world. Everyone, and I mean everyone, shows up in this story at some point to save Earth from a warlord. So it’s like The Infinity Gauntlet story but without the disappointing final two issues.

A Damn Black Widow Movie Already

You know why they’re going to continue giving Black Widow a large part in the MCU? Because she’s a kick ass character played by one of the best action stars working today. We’re getting a deep look into the past of Natasha Romanoff in Age of Ultron but we need more. This is a character with enough deep rooted pathos to warrant just as much fascination as Batman or Iron Man. Explore a Black Widow trilogy detailing the past, present, and future of where this character has been, where she’s going, and who she is.

Planet Hulk

This one is a little lengthier because Hulk movies are complicated as hell.

After being deemed too dangerous, the Marvel Illuminati (Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Nick Fury, Namor, Black Bolt, Professor X, and Reed Richards) ship Banner/Hulk into space. Banner turns into the Hulk for most of the story and overthrows a space warlord to become ruler of a planet. In this version, we can just tie it in with the Age of Ultron + Phase 3 theme of “Who accounts for the superhero property damage?”

The problem with a Hulk movie is that he’s two characters: Bruce Banner and the Hulk. There needs to be a balance between Bruce and the Hulk. The balance doesn’t need to be equal (less Hulk, more Banner = good) there just needs to be an appropriate ratio that suits the story being told.

A movie on Planet Hulk would require a reworking of the source material to fit a cinematic landscape (something Marvel has always succeeded at) and moderation of Hulk usage. The comic story is essentially ALL Hulk in a story that takes many queues from Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, making it difficult to empathize with the Banner because he’s simply not there. The Hulk only has his rage, which Banner could use during gladiatorial combat and heavy action scenes. Let the journey be self-reflective of how the Hulk can still be used for a greater good under proper conditions. But take it one-step further and show how Hulk can still overpower Bruce Banner, have his rage take control and Banner disappears from the equation. You can still focus on Hulk but make it a tragedy that Banner can no longer control his inner green behemoth. End on the darkest note in a Marvel movie yet with Hulk becoming a brutal dictator and leading us into…

Avengers: World War Hulk

How do you top Civil War and Infinity Wars for Phase 3 of Marvel? You go straight for the heart. Whatever remnants of the MCU is left after Phase 3 will have to contest with a vengeful Hulk looking to destroy his former home world after being left for dead.

Armed with the rallied alien forces he’s amassed in space, new and old Avengers will have to contend with one of their former allies. I assume Phase 4 won’t be an entire reset so we’ll have various new/old members of the Avengers, with some looking to save the man trapped inside the beast. So it essentially becomes a battle for the planet but also the fight for Banner’s soul. Superhero smack-downs are fun but why not have some emotional tug at our heartstrings while we’re at it?

Featured Image: Planet Hulk (2010), Lionstage, Marvel Animation