Which female superheroes need movies? Short answer: all of them. I mean, come on, this is a world in which Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has been in seven movies (possibly nine by 2017) and was the lead in six of them even though his character amounts to basically an angry guy with knives that come out of his fists. There are hundreds of female superheroes who deserve their moment in the spotlight, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few favourites.

  1. Kitty Pryde

Kitty should have been the lead in Days of Future Past as she is in the comic that movie is loosely adapted from. However, even though Ellen Page is awesome, the character had not been established very well when that movie was made so the X-Men filmmakers did what they do best and made Wolverine the lead. Kitty deserves her own movie as her power (the ability to phase through solid objects) opens up many more possibilities for plotlines than stabby fists does. They could make a heist movie, a chase movie, or give Kitty her own team of X-Men and do the traditional superhero thing of a villain threatens the world and the X-Men have to stop this from happening.

  1. Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop, or Hawkeye as she is also known, is one of the great comic book creations. Matt Fraction and David Aja’s work with her in the pages of Hawkeye (in which she co-starred with Clint Barton, or Hawkeye, as he is also known) is phenomenal. A movie about Kate Bishop could happily be a straight adaptation of that comic but with the emphasis on her character’s plotlines rather than Barton’s. Or call it Hawkeyes and finally give Jeremy Renner his own Marvel movie (even though he would be second billed on the posters). Or give Kate Bishop her own team of Young Avengers and do the traditional superhero thing of a villain threatens the world and the Young Avengers have to stop this from happening.

  1. Marvel

Now this could be any Ms. Marvel, but I’d kill to see a movie with Kamala Khan’s Ms Marvel in the lead. For those of you who don’t know, Ms Khan is a Pakistani teenager from New Jersey who can shapeshift and kicks all kinds of ass. I love her because she starts her story as a fan of superheroes and then has the joy of becoming one through trial and error. Her story is also very interesting as she is the first Muslim character to headline a Marvel comic, and a movie would make her the first Muslim character to headline a superhero movie. There are enough white dudes on screen in my humble opinion. Let’s break out of that and get Kamala Khan on the biggest screen we can find for the entire world to see.

  1. She-Hulk

She-Hulk is the He-Hulk’s cousin and gains his powers after a blood transfusion. But that’s not important. What is important is that Jessica Walters isn’t a woman who turns into a green monster when she’s angry. She is always the green version of herself and keeps her emotions and intelligence throughout. And she’s a lawyer. So how about this, Marvel? Forego the usual derring-do of the superhero movie and make me a movie about Jessica Walters, an idealistic Hulk lawyer out to help the little guy and fighting her battles in the courtroom. Also have her kick a dude in the nuts so hard that he flies into the sun.

  1. Storm

Storm is a character who has appeared already in four movies, but they never seem to get her right. It might be down to Halle Berry’s inert acting style or the fact that the writers don’t really know what to do with her. Storm should be a goddess. A living embodiment of the most powerful thing on the Earth: the weather. She is also a queen (or was before she and Black Panther got their-y’know what, just read the comics) and has led her own X-Men teams. Also she has the coolest frigging hairstyle of any comic book character with her giant, bright white Mohawk. A great movie about Storm would focus on her powers and put her front and centre at the head of a team of X-men/Avengers that would include all of the heroes named above as well as Black Widow, America Chavez, Jean Grey, Spider-Gwen, Maria Hill, Sif, and all the other female heroes who languish in the shadows waiting for the studios to realise that there is money to be made from giving these awesome characters movies. And more importantly there are people out there who would like to look up on the big screen and see a hero who looks like them. As a straight, white male I am drowning in superheroes who share those traits. Time to shake things up, Marvel; give the women their time to shine.