The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an enormous accomplishment. We all understand that. But it’s still missing a few things. So many of the movies focus on world shattering ramifications (which are handled mostly well) that we need to start seeing some smaller-scale stories.

Netflix’s Daredevil satisfied most everyone with its expansive look at a different corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last 10-15 minutes were a nosedive into awfulness that I can’t forgive, but the previous 12.5 hours of TV warrant excitement for future Marvel Netflix team-ups and the eventual Defenders series. But not every character needs to be a Defender. Maybe some could be Avengers that start on the small screen as we chronicle their adventures to proper heroism.

Here are 5 characters I’d like to see with their own Netflix series:


Matt Fraction’s current run on this character (which is nearing its end) is impeccable. A funny, heartfelt, action-packed, tragic, and exciting look at a character whose life motto has become “Okay, this looks bad.” Jeremy Renner should return to the small screen on an original Netflix series detailing Hawkeye’s time as an owner of an apartment complex, fighting eastern European gangsters in tracksuits (BRO), and his sometimes best friend Kate Bishop. This is the type of Hawkeye people will latch themselves onto with his human fallibility and endearing personality. And, quite frankly, the world needs as much Kate Bishop as possible. She’s practically an Avenger!

Howard the Duck

WAIT. Hear me out. Position Howard as a private investigator and semi-functional alcoholic who comes to Earth in the aftermath of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Just embrace the sillier side of the cinematic universe. As much as I liked Daredevil, some more levity would have been appreciated from time to time. Simply use a case of the week format while building upon a grander look at humanity through the eyes of an intergalactic duck.


If you follow me on Twitter, you already know how I feel about Spider-Man. I think he’s just okay. Don’t really care much about this character at all. But I do believe the character is suited best for a Netflix series (much like my pal Sean Fallon). Peter Parker is the original everyman superhero. He’s swinging around fighting crime but he’s also got real life struggles. Whether he’s in high school trying to finish projects or going out on a date, the responsibility of Spider-Man weighs heavily on the life of Peter Parker.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man

The best Sinister Six is the worst Six. Especially when there are only five of them. These guys are the worst criminals. Shocker, the Beetle, Overdrive, Boomerang, and Speed Demon all lie and cheat their way to a big score. None of them are really standout villains on their own but together they prove to be comic foils the likes of which only Joss Whedon properties are familiar with. You don’t need a sprawling crime epic. Just follow a buffoonish group of criminals in a miniseries as they stumble their way to the top.

Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is a character that is perfectly relevant for modern society. A mix of Peter Parker with a millennial background, she’s a Pakistani American hailing from New Jersey and discovers she is an inhuman with the ability to shapeshift. She goes through a bit of an identity crisis after morphing into Carol Danvers for the “traditional” version of our culture’s beauty. But Kamala comes to accept herself as beautiful and not to adhere to standards of society (since we kinda suck a lot). It’s more complicated, but Kamala Khan is the character modern young superhero fans need – especially ones who may feel distant because of differing cultural traditions. She also writes Avengers fan fiction because she’s a huge dork, and we love her for it.

Featured Image: Hawkeye, Volume 1: My Life as a Weapon