Since our last article concerning possible Star Wars spin-offs, two of our ideas have been announced as movies in development. Now, I don’t want to say that our AE article somehow influenced the producers of the Star Wars franchise, but it can’t hurt to try a few more times and see what happens:


20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

There are a lot of things the prequels get wrong but a few they get sorta right. Podracing is a cool idea featured in a poorly directed, overlong scene in The Phantom Menace. Revisiting the sport from the point of view of a young up-and-coming racer would be interesting. Everyone loves sports movies and tales of underdogs, so why not a story about a young alien trying to make it in the big, dangerous world of podracing while trying to not fall into the typical life of crime for someone growing up on Tatooine.


Revenge of the Sith

20th Century Fox

Another thing the prequels get right is Ian McDiarmid’s portrayal of Senator Palpatine. Throughout the trilogy he is the right mix of father figure and subtle manipulator, making it easy to see why Anakin Skywalker would fall under his spell. When we first meet Palpatine in Menace he is already a senator and well on his way to becoming emperor. A movie about his rise to power from nothing would be incredible, especially if the filmmakers decided to go completely House of Cards with it and have Palpatine talk directly to camera about his plans and schemes as we watch everyone dance to his tune.

The Seven Jedi

Return of the Jedi

20th Century Fox

The fact that the Jedi are essentially samurai opens them up to a lot of cool plots. In our last article, we discussed Obi Wan Kenobi going full ronin with baby Luke and what an awesome movie that would be. But how about the multitude of other Jedi spread around the galaxy by the emperor’s purge? We know Vader will eventually kill them all, but in between the purge and the hunt there is space for a great movie about seven displaced Jedi tasked with helping the inhabitants of a small village who are under attack from raiders of some kind. Master-less Jedi mean Jedi without rules, and that’s something I know I would love to see.

Young Lando

The Empire Strikes Back

20th Century Fox

Chances are good that a young Lando will feature in the upcoming Han Solo movie, but you can never have too much Calrissian in your life. A movie about the young smuggler getting up to know good all over the galaxy while being the coolest guy to ever fly the Millennium Falcon would get bums on seats and frankly, Star Wars has always had a problem with race, so a movie with a black lead, and creative black team, would be a breath of fresh air in the franchise. Also, Michael B. Jordan would kill as young Lando and you know it.

Old Jar Jar

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

20th Century Fox

Every day we all ask ourselves, where was Jar Jar during the original trilogy? How about this? They simply re-release the original trilogy but computer-generated Jar Jar into every scene. Battle of Hoth? Jar Jar’s making snowmen. Jabba’s palace? Jar Jar’s the band leader belting out tunes. Ewoks? All replaced with Gungans.