Well, we survived January without the world being nuked into the sun so it’s time to see what’s on the agenda for February’s book club choice. For this month we will be mixing it up a bit and reading a graphic novel.

Prince of Cats is a retelling of Romeo & Juliet from the point of view of Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin and the titular prince of cats. The action starts before the play and we get to see what happened in Tybalt’s life to make him the angry and violent young man of the original play. Also, the whole book is set in 1983 Brooklyn, mostly written in iambic pentameter, infused with ’80s hip hop style, and written and drawn by design maestro Ron Wimberly.

The whole of Prince of Cats is awash with colour, swordfights, love, death, and Shakespeare.

Prince of Cats is also shorter than every book we’ve read previously so rather than splitting it up into four chunks for week to week reading, I’m going to ask you to read it four times. The first time just to get a taste but the rest of times to soak it all in. Study the artwork and the words and lose yourself to it. You won’t regret it.

As with previous books, there will be Twitter polls and a chance to join the conversation with the hashtag #AEBookClub. Get on the hashtag and let me know what you think of the book or if there’s a novel you would like to see featured here. At the end of the month look out for book to box office when we’ll discuss what we would hope to see in a movie of Prince of Cats.

Featured Image: Vertigo