AE Monthly Book Club: July 2016

Once again we welcome you back to the AE Monthly Book Club. Join us as we enter into our sixth month of the club in the middle of the summer season. Just as a refresher for the veterans, and a quick introduction for the newbies, each month we are choosing a book we’d love for everyone to read along with us. Weekly chapter goals will be set out below, and all month you can join the online discussion using the hashtag #AEBookClub as we hop on our high horses and provide our opinions on each book’s movie potential.

The Gunslinger


For the month of July, Ryan MacLean has selected The Gunslinger, the first entry in the Dark Tower series, written by Stephen King. Taking on the classic fantasy-western seemed like a prime choice considering the film adaption being released later next year. The novel is centered upon Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger, as he treks through the desert in pursuit of his adversary, the “man in black.” First published in 1982, The Gunslinger is the first in and eight-book series which was initially a fix-up novel of five short stories which strung them together into a complete narrative. King would later release an expanded and revised edition of the book in 2003.

For the sake of consistency and ease of access, we will be reading this revised edition as it is the version in print to this day. The Gunslinger is divided up into five chapters. Given that we have four weeks and five chapters, we will cover a chapter each week until the final week of the month when we will cover the last two chapters since the final one is considerably shorter than the others. The schedule is as follows:

July 4 – July 10: Chapter 1: The Gunslinger
July 11 – July 17: Chapter 2: The Way Station
July 18 – July 24: Chapter 3: The Oracle and the Mountains
July 31 – July 31: Chapter 4: The Slow Mutants + Chapter 5: The Gunslinger and the Man in Black

If you’d like to suggest a cinema-related book for future book club readings, please e-mail your suggestion to

Good luck and happy reading!

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