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Riverhead Books

AE Book Club is heading into the summer season, which hopefully means beach or park reading for some of us, and indoor, air-conditioned reading for the rest! Just as a refresher for the veterans, and a quick introduction for the newbies, each month we are choosing a book we’d love for everyone to read along with us. Weekly chapter goals will be set out below, and all month you can join the online discussion using the hashtag #AEBookClub as we hop on our high horses and provide our opinions on each book’s movie potential.

For the month of June, Publication Manager Richard Newby has chosen The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. We’re stepping out of the fantastic and venturing into the shadowed territory of the psychological thriller. The novel follows recently divorced alcoholic Rachel Watson whose morning and evening train rides into and out of London have become the highlight of her life. But it’s not the ride itself that interests Rachel so, but the couple whose lives she can peer into from the tracks– the perfect couple or so she imagines. But when the woman whose life has become the focus of Rachel’s imagination disappears, Rachel finds herself caught up in a mystery that makes her question her sanity and everything she thought she knew about her life. The Girl on the Train debuted at number 1 on The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 and remained at the top of the chart for thirteen weeks.

The Girl on the Train is divided into sections based on the narrator. Because multiple prints of the books have different page numbers, we will read approximately 84 pages and week, or until we reach the end of a narrated section. The schedule is as follows:

May 30 – June 5: Pages 1-84

June 6 – June 12: Pages 85-168

June 13 – 19Pages 169-252

June 20 – June 26Pages 253-336

If you’d like to suggest a cinema-related book for future book club readings, please e-mail your suggestion to bookclub@audienceseverywhere.net.

Good luck and happy reading!