Welcome back! Or just welcome if this is your first time joining our newly established book club. Just as a refresher for the veterans, and a quick introduction for the newbies, each month we are choosing a book we’d love for everyone to read along with us. Weekly chapter goals will be set out below, and all month you can join the online discussion using the hashtag #AEBookClub as we hop on our high horses and provide our opinions on each book’s movie potential.

For the month of March, Managing Editor Beth Reynolds has chosen Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. The writers at AE can’t get enough of the apocalypse, so we’ll tackle another story that takes place after the world has been devastated by a pandemic, though this time it’s a flu. The acclaimed novel follows and actor, the person who “saves” him, and a group of roaming actors as it focuses on humanity’s survival following its collapse. Station Eleven won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for the best science fiction novel publish in the United Kingdom.

Just like last month, Station Eleven’s chapters will be divided into sections, so all readers can follow along

Random House, LLC

Random House, LLC

week by week. The schedule is as follows:

March 1-6: Chapters 1-11

March 7-13: Chapters 12-22

March 14-20: Chapters 23-33

March 21-27: Chapters 34-44

March 28-31: Chapters 45-55

If you’d like to suggest a cinema-related book for future book club readings, please e-mail your suggestion to bookclub@audienceseverywhere.net.

Good luck and happy reading!