As the year comes to a close and the award nominations begin to roll in, many of you have likely seen everything on your 2014 must watch list and are making your rankings of best and worst of the year.  Some of the most anticipated movies of 2014 are still in limited release, with heavy hitters like Wild and Imitation Game still in select cities until the end of the month. So what are you going to watch while you’re waiting?  Don’t finalize those lists quite yet, because there are plenty of new films available for you to watch right now On Demand, and I’ve sifted through them all to come up with the 5 you don’t want to miss.

Bad Turn Worse (Rough and Tumble Films)

Bad Turn Worse

Bad Turn Worse follows three teens who face the dangerous consequences of dealing from the wrong guy when they’re forced deal with the aftermath.  Although, it makes no qualms about the influences it borrows from some legendary filmmakers, this Texas noir manages to carve out its place among the films it idolizes.  Mackenzie Davis also gives a riveting performance that will hopefully cause others to take notice.  Bad Turn Worse is AE’s pick of the month, and you can find it on iTunes and Amazon for $6.99.

Before I Disappear (IFC Films)


A depressed 20 something whose life is in shambles is tasked with babysitting his young, quick witted niece in Before I Disappear.  This indie is an eclectic trip that never lets the audience forget that the one whose telling us the story isn’t the most sober or reliable of protagonists.  The dark comedic script and the offbeat, stylish direction and the opportunity to see a new up and comer grow as an actress (Fatima Ptacek) is more than reason enough to give this one a watch.  Before I Disappear available to rent on iTunes and Amazon for  $6.99.

Food Chains (Screen Media Films)


Food Chains explores the world of farmers in America , revealing an abundance of poor working conditions and low wages.  Director Sanjay Rawal makes no attempt to sugar coat the story he’s trying to tell, but allows viewers to draw their own conclusions from what’s discovered here.  And although this can be a difficult and uncomfortable way to spend an hour and twenty minutes of your day, you’re guaranteed not to view the food and grocery industry the same way after seeing this documentary.  Food Chains is available to rent on Amazon and iTunes for $6.99

Pioneer (Nordisk Film)


A diver consumed with his goal of venturing to the bottom of the Norwegian Sea faces harsh realities when a tragic accident makes him question everything.  This conspiracy film takes place during Norwegian oil boom of the 80s, following a man who will stop at nothing to make his mark on history, and those who care only about protecting themselves when things don’t go as planned.  It’s a tense, dark thriller that’ll make you question whose side you’re on, and then question it again.  Pioneer is available to rent on iTunes and Amazon for $6.99.

The Captive (Ego Film Arts)


Eight years after the disappearance of his daughter, a father dives head first into a new search to find her when evidence indicates she may still be alive.  Although its familiar plot doesn’t live up to others with a similar storyline, particularly 2013’s Prisoners, The Captive will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Thanks to the stunning direction and cinematography by Atom Egoyan and Paul Sarossy along with the presence of Ryan Reynolds and Rosario Dawson, there’s plenty to look at while you’re attempting to put the pieces together.  The Captive is available on Amazon to buy for $12.99.