It’s been a little while, but there are finally enough quality options on On Demand to justify staying in and trading the theater recliner for the living room couch this weekend.  So, to help you make a decision, we’ve collected some of the best available options for On Demand viewing available to watch right now.

Hyde Park Enertainment

Hyde Park Entertainment

Every Secret Thing

Elizabeth Banks has been trailblazing the movie scene recently on her mission to make movies by woman, about women, and for women.  So who better to headline a film adaptation of a novel written by a woman famous for creating some of the best, most fleshed out female protagonists in modern mystery storytelling? Based on the novel by Laura Lippman, Every Secret Thing tells the story of two girls who fall under suspicion of another death seven years after being accused of murdering an infant when they were children. Every Secret Thing is currently available to rent on Amazon and iTunes.

Laser Unicorns Lampray

Laser Unicorns Lampray

Kung Fury

This thirty minute parody was financed on Kickstarter, and it is just as bizarre, out of this world outlandish as you would expect it to be. If you’re into a celebration of cheesy 80s homages, dinosaurs, machine gun toting Viking women, a time traveling Hitler, and of course, kung fu, then Kung Fury is the best choice for you. Kung Fury is currently available to rent on iTunes.

Copper Pot Pictures

I Am Big Bird

I Am Big Bird is an intimate look at the man behind two of the most beloved characters in television history. This documentary is sugar coated with the sentimentality and nostalgia one would expect when painting a portrait of Carroll Spinney and his life and work on Sesame Street. Treat yourself by taking a trip back to your childhood with this one. I Am Big Bird is currently available to rent on Amazon and iTunes.




Slow West

For fans of the traditional Western film, there may be a bit too much aesthetic deconstruction of the genre.  For fans of genre deconstruction, there may be too many elements of traditionalism existent in the center plot.  But for members of either group who are willing to make concessions, there’s something meditatively beautiful at the center of John MacLean’s new approach to a classic formula, punctuated by another predictably intense formula from Michael Fassbender.  Slow West is available on multiple On Demand platforms.

IFC Films

IFC Films

The Seven Five

What’s more thrilling than a story about dirty cops, corruption and drugs with an abundance of twists and turns that keep you guessing? A true story about all of those things from the mouth of the most corrupt cop in the history of New York City. This documentary reveals all of the true crime drama of policemen Michael Dowd, and the real tale behind Dowd’s infamous career is more riveting than most fictional films that fall under the same genre umbrella. The Seven Five is currently available to rent on Amazon and iTunes.