For the month of March 2016, we at AE are highlighting a few new independent projects, and we think you may want to consider showing your support to these grassroots filmmakers the world over. So without further ado, here are our handpicked selections of crowd funded productions.

Project One: Josh’s Journal, the movie

 Format: Feature Film

Goal: $15,000

Who Are They: Based on the popular web series created and directed by stop-motion animator Josh Abrams, Josh’s Journal, the movie will be a feature film based on the life, times, and struggles of said auteur in felt caricature in real life, only the film will star the now well-known character as he moves onto college after spending 10 years of content thus far in high school.

Why Support This: As anyone with a passing interest in stop-motion animation may very well know by now, the specificities and arduous nature of the medium makes the filmmaking process a taxing and expensive one to undertake. But if that doesn’t persuade you to help the young Sacramento, California native, you can rest a little easier knowing that the production team behind Josh’s Journal, the movie, namely E+ Productions, is a part of DDSO-Employment Plus, which provides employment training opportunities in the film industry to adults with intellectual delays and developmental disabilities, including Video Production and monetary compensation.

Project Two: Black Wolf

Format: Short Film

Goal: $7,852

Who Are They: In Black Wolf, English director Harvey Eaton hopes to bring the period piece horror story of a woman terrorized by a demonic black wolf in English countryside of the 1840s to life, in a story that is equal parts supernatural and psychological. It hopes to tell a social tale that should prove applicable to modern day struggles relating to women specifically.

Why Support This: With the cast and crew already deep into post-production and committed to bringing a compelling and socio-culturally complicated modern horror story to the period piece genre made popular by the likes of Downton Abbey, the immediate entertainment value should prove self-evident. Beyond that, Black Wolf stars Masterpiece Theater actress Sophia Carr-Gomm, with the rest of the crew consisting of thoroughly well trained and capable in their respective roles. That being said, Eaton’s humble team of eight can use all the help they can get if the 10 year veteran director hopes to make this passion project a reality.

Project Three: Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch

Format: Video Game

Goal: $400,000

Who Are They: Based in no small part on the films, characters, and larger cinematic universe of the films of New Jersey native and independent filmmaker Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch hopes to bring a classic-style arcade brawler featuring the iconic weed dealing duo from the View Askewniverse into the gaming realm, with style, sophomoric humor, and plenty of ganja smoking action.

Why Support This: Even if you aren’t a fan of Smith’s larger filmography, and despite the fact that many film critics have seen fit to slander and debunk the director’s most recent film trilogy, video game developer Interabang Entertainment has quite the production on their hands; they appear primed to deliver quite the testament to Smith in the form of one hell of a novelty production. And with approximately $50,000 left to raise, the future of a video game starring Jay and Silent Bob is so close to becoming a reality it would be a shame if said efforts behind the scenes were all for naught.

Featured Image: Interabang Entertainment