In the year and a half that we have been doing our work at Audiences Everywhere, we’ve come to discover that the entire landscape of film is a benevolent community, and a cooperative network that seeks to push forward and upward the best art and the most creative visionaries. Now more than ever, film as an industry is working its way toward a more democratic structure. So many gifted artists are able to present their ideas through crowdfunding websites and elbow-grease advertising campaigns, and that’s a very inspiring thing.

Film has done so much for us here that we have decided to do our part to pay it forward. We have decided that every month, we are going to present to our readers with and endorse a handful of promising projects that are seeking crowdfunding. There has never been a better opportunity than now for the passionate film fan to influence and shape the film culture. If you’re reading this, and if you love movies, and if you have a few extra dollars to spare, consider contributing to provide these up-and-coming artists with a chance to make their vision a reality that we can all enjoy in the first installment of AE’s Do the Right Funding:

Project One: EXITUS

Format: Short-Film

Goal: $600 USD- 51% Funded, 27 Days Left

For Fans Of: Moody, character-driven, post-apocalyptic stories that deal heavily with themes of survival and morality. If you enjoy The Road, Mad Max, and Stake Land, EXITUS sounds like another visionary exploration of people at the end of all things.

Who Are They: Director Sam Van Roosbroeck is a Belgium filmmaker currently studying at the International Academy for Film and Television in Antwerp, Belgium. Roosbroeck interned with the lighting crew of A Quiet Passion, an upcoming biographical film on Emily Dickinson directed by The Deep Blue Sea’s Terence Davies. He also acted as DOP for the Belgian-Ugandan Thriller, Papi. His showreel displays a sense of quiet and isolation that’s reminiscent of Darren Aronofsky, and it’s clear he can create a distinctive cinematic look with a small-budget.

Why Support This: EXITUS sounds like it will aim to cover far more ground than post-apocalyptic short films we may have seen before.  While there are familiar elements, Parker’s series brief encounters sound like they will explore the nature and cost of isolation in a meaningful way that gives us a fully developed sense of character and space. From the short’s description, there’s a sense that Roosbroeck is looking to take full advantage of what the short-film format can accomplish in terms of creating style and narrative weight.

Project Two: Eduardo Munez

Format: Short-Film

Goal: £2,100 GBP- 28% Funded, 21 Days Left

For Fans Of: Quirky, dark comedies with a central mystery that rely on the extraordinary being found in the ordinary. If you enjoy the work of the Coen Brothers, The Duplass Brothers, and Wes Anderson, Eduardo Munez seems like another visually clever look at happenstance and escalation.


Who Are They: Writer Ruth Tapp is an actor who graduated from Drama Studio London and has performed in productions across the U.K. She was inspired to write Eduardo Munez after receiving letters of all shapes and sizes addressed to a Mr. Eduardo Munez, while recovering from a collapsed lung. This is her first short film script.

Director Laurel Parker is a California native who has produced and directed numerous stand-up comedy DVDs, music videos, and DVD featurettes. She recently completed a stand-up feature for “London’s most controversial comedian,” Dapper Laughs.

Director of Photography Andrew Rodger is a former painter who found his calling in moving pictures. He has worked on a number of commercials, features, and music promos.

Producer Jacob Teague is an actor from the UK who has appeared in numerous feature and short films. Eduardo Munez is second short film as a producer.

Why Support This: Who hasn’t received multiple pieces of mail addressed to another person, and hasn’t been at least a little curious about it? Eduardo Munez sounds like the kind of personal and highly original story that many of the best short films are made of. The short has such a simple and engaging premise that it’s hard not to want to see its central mystery played out. Dark comedy is one of the hardest sub-genres to succeed in, but the talents aboard Eduardo Munez seem to have a clear vision in what they want to achieve.

The Shephard Dog: From Monk to Rockstar

Project Three: The Shepherd Dog: From Monk to Rockstar

Format: Documentary

Goal: $4,000 USD- 5% Funded, 27 Days Left

For Fans Of: Music documentaries and those interested in the intersection of history, spirituality, and popular culture.

Who Are They: The film’s central subject, Tenzin Jamyang, is a Tibetan refugee, a former monk and painter, and alternative rock musician. Jamyang, along with his two brothers, formed the band JJI Exile Brothers to use music to communicate the culture and identity of the exiled community, but when the youngest brother moves to Korea, Jamyang is left to perform odd jobs while dreaming of a solo career.

Director Abhishek Madukhar is an Indian journalist and photographer for Reuters in Dharamsala and has provided information for a number of travel magazines and guides in India. He recently produced, directed, and shot his first documentary, Through Flesh and Bones, which is a testimony by Tibetans who were tortured under Chinese Occupation. He originally met Jamyang through taking photos at one of his concerts in 2008 and from there they formed a friendship, and Jamyang composed the music for Through Flesh and Bones.

Director Léo Torréton is a French photographer and director who has filmed commercials, documentaries, and institutional films. Torréton met Jamyang while filming in Dharamsala in 2014 and was introduced to Madukhar, leading to their collaboration on this project.

Why Support This: The Shepherd Dog sounds like a fascinating portrait of a man whose past and present can provide intimate insight into the lives of second generation Tibetan exiles and the power of rock n’ roll. It promises to be an entertaining and necessary film that provides historical context for the contemporary disillusionment, and hope of a generational community. But the big-picture aspects of the film come secondary to Jamyang’s fascinating journey and relationship with his own past as a means to recreate himself multiple times over the years in order to discover himself in the process. Spiritual, political, and lyrical, The Shepherd Dog has us convinced that it is a human-interest story we need to experience.