We don’t always get good Super Bowl trailers. But when we do, apparently we get them all this year. Across the board (mostly), trailers and promotional tie-ins left little to be desired. Whether you’re excited about each individual upcoming feature (we’re pretty split on Deadpool around here) it’s hard to deny a good trailer from a hard working marketing team. Let’s rundown these trailers in chronological order:

EDDIE THE EAGLE (Pre-Game Coverage)

Matthew Vaughn follows up his unanimously loved (ahem) Kingsman with a producer credit on one of England’s most inspirational stories about a man who wanted to stand up for his country in Olympic Ski Jumping. By the numbers in terms of story? Sure. But these trailers have packed an emotional wallop and it looks to be one of the better directed biopics in recent years. Who isn’t rooting for Eddie the Eagle to be a success?

Grade: B+



“United we stand. Divided we fall.” An ominous chant echoes through a trailer filled with shots of Avengers attempting to cause each other harm. Tony Stark puts on a mini Iron Man glove to stop Bucky Barnes from shooting him. Come on, Bucky, I thought we were beyond the whole “assassin” thing? Heart strings will be tugged. Check out those team lineup shots. In any other MCU property those would be the hero shots. Here, the heroes are scattered. And Spider-Man is totally standing next to Black Panther in the trailer, right?

Grade: A



Deadpool and its titular character are an odd entity. The movie looks specifically tailored to fans of the more recent meme-referencing Chimichanga fanatic, thus making it the most expensive fan film ever and arguably an unnecessary entry in cinematic canon. But is that so bad? Granted, none of the trailers have personally won this writer over but it’s doing such a good job of marketing a specific tone to equally specific audience, I have to admire that. This puts one of the final touches on one of the most impressive marketing campaigns outside of Cloverfield. Speaking of which…

Grade: A-


The secret sequel to the movie that practically wrote the bible on mystery boxing, 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s new spot doesn’t answer much. It’s just the way we like it. We do get some glimpses of the outside world in this teaser, showing the movie will not be specifically confined to a bunker. There’s not much to describe visually but the final shot and final sound imply larger things ahead and a scary familiarity in a return to our nearest theaters. They’re showing this baby in IMAX for a reason.

Grade: A+


The only trailer that got a full release, Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book looks better that what many of us possibly conceived for the project. Filled with a sense of wonder, adventure, and surprisingly terror, Favreau seems to have found his groove with blockbusters again after a few misses. Idris Elba is the villainous Shere Khan in the picture but let’s be honest, Christopher Walken as a giant Orangutan is the scariest animal in this trailer. Yes, that is the “Bare Necessities” in the trailer.

Grade: A


David Greengrass and Matt Damon return to one of the definitive modern action franchises with Jason Bourne. We probably don’t need another entry in one of the great trilogies but we didn’t need Bourne Legacy either and we got that too. Thankfully Greengrass and Damon have appeared to have purpose behind this new entry in the saga. This teaser also delivers the title so we can call it something other than Bourne 5. An exciting announcement teaser with inspired use of Moby’s “Extreme Ways” although they lose a point for not calling it Bourne Again.

Grade: A-


The last TMNT movie was met with little acclaim from fans and critics alike but garnered enough box office draw to warrant a sequel. If this franchise is going to stick around, they might as well make it more zany and close to the source material than the other bastardized 80s property in our theaters every 2-3 years. The colors are more vibrant. The turtle designs are scaled down slightly with less Shrek inspired proportions. Bepop and Rocksteady driving a tank. It looks like a good time. WAIT is that the Krang? Best trailer ever.

Grade: B+


How do you top the iconic shot of the White House being blown up real good by aliens in the first Independence Day? Bigger doesn’t always mean better but at least we have a good “Holy crap” moment as the aliens return and decide to slam dunk cities on our planet’s surface.

Grade: B+


Bryan Singers X-Men movies still maintain their early 2000’s aesthetic for some reason but his blockbuster skills admittedly have improved with the solid, but not great, Days of Future PastX-Men: Apocalypse seems Singer is finally going balls to the walls with the franchise that is known for legitimate insanity (i.e, it would take an hour to explain X-Men comics shenanigans in the last decade alone). It’s an unexpected development to see Mystique lead the X-Men but J-Law has proven she is a box office draw and this will certainly be her last go round with the character.

Grade: B


A cute, fluffy little trailer for what will most likely be a cute, fluffy little movie. Most likely an attempt to spawn another franchise compatible with Despicable MeThe Secret Life of Pets doesn’t promise much beyond what would probably make for an entertaining series of SNL skits.

Grade: B


As the game dragged on so did the trailers. Gods of Egypt is where the line truly falters. Who is this movie for? It can’t be for Egyptian mythology enthusiasts as it looks to play loose and fast with the actual mythos. Is it for the 300 crowd? Possibly as we even have Gerard Butler in the villainous role. It can’t be for the Clash of the Titans crowd simply because that crowd doesn’t exist. Not ludicrous enough to be enticing and not versed in mythology enough to be taken seriously, this is the only trailer of the night that felt cold.

Grade: D


Turkish airlines is apparently the official airline for the entire DC universe… Okay. These little snippets of life in the world of Gotham and Metropolis seem slightly out of sync with the rest of the marketing. I’m just not sure how serious we’re supposed to take these. Are they fun winks and in-jokes for fans or are they supposed to be in-universe promotional materials? Either way I love the concept of the DC movies getting so wrapped up in faux pas serious aesthetics that they’ll unintentionally wrap around to full blown campiness again. Here’s to hoping.

Grade: B