My first reaction is “hell yes” followed by “more hell yes.” August action movies have often been relegated to boring schlock like The Expendables or whatever Taken ripoff Hollywood forgot to release in January. In this trailer we get a visceral energy from actors with a sense of chemistry similar to something like Pineapple Express or a classic 80s action movie. You know, with lots of weed in it.

The Point Break remake trailer came out and (warning: potential blasphemy ahead) I thought it was actually a pretty good trailer minus some issues on the whole “acting” side of things. The movie also looks drab for a movie with extreme athletes robbing planes in midair.

Flip to American Ultra and you have trailer for an action movie with some excitement and visual splendor. Also it looks like there’s a fight scene in a laser tag place and I’m all about that.

American Ultra opens August 21, 2015