While we all anticipate the big kill during our season of horror movies and returning horror television shows, sometimes it’s the little stab wounds that create the longest lasting effect, that penetrate the layers between fiction and reality so perfectly that fear is the only rational response. We’ve compiled for you another list of chilling, dangerous, and downright weird short horror films you can watch right now, that is, if you can if you can handle what they reveal.

1. Unedited Footage of a Bear (2014) – Directed by Alan Resnick & Ben O’Brien

Like Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks, Unedited Footage of a Bear takes the mundane and seemingly normal and twists into the surreal. An allergy medicine ad interrupts livestream footage of a bear and becomes a brutal horror movie more interested in creating a sense of unease than a logical story to follow.

2. No Service (2016) – Directed by Kholi Hicks

No Service taps into the universal anxiety of going from being without service to finding a bunch of missed calls on your phone. Hicks uses the short runtime to really ramp up the tension and completely change one woman’s world in a period of four minutes.

3. Vicious (2015) – Directed by Oliver Park

In Vicious the shadows of the heart and mind become the shadows in the room, as a panic-filled dash through a dark house leads to a satisfying conclusion.

4. Pictured (2014) – Directed by David F. Sandberg

Lights Out director David F. Sandberg’s simple and effective horror short delivers a Twilight Zone-esque twist with a startling final image.

5. Peekers (2008) – Directed by Mark Steensland

Don’t let the amateur film quality of this short film fool you, Peekers offers professional level chills as a man’s breakfast is interrupted by a neighbor claiming to see something out of the ordinary upstairs.

6. He Took His Skin Off For Me (2014) – Directed by Ben Aston

Every so often we encounter a short film that we fall in love with and not only feel viewers should see but that they must see. That’s Ben Aston’s short film about a man who takes his skin off to please his wife. It’s a mesmerizing watch that should leave everyone asking: why hasn’t Ben Aston been hired for a feature yet?

7. Blinky TM (2011) – Directed by Ruairi Robinson

A boy’s abuse of his robot takes a shockingly dark turn in this sci-fi horror short from The Last Days on Mars director Ruairi Robinson.

8. Killer Kart (2012) – James Feeney

This absurdist horror comedy is exactly what it sounds like and is infinitely more enjoyable than Rubber.


9. The Whisperer (2016) – Directed by Danny Donahue

In this simple yet effective short, a woman hears whispering and questions her sanity, leading to a perfect ending.

10.  Mr Creak (2015) – Directed by Liam Banks

We couldn’t go through this list without including one good jump-scare based film. Mr Creak is it, and it’s got some pretty excellent cinematography to elevate it’s simple structure.

11. Kirksdale (2007) – Directed by Ryan Spindell

A sheriff’s deputy and a young woman find horror awaiting them at a mental facility off the back-roads of Florida. Regardless of being the longest entry in this list, Kirksdale is well worth a watch, not only for its horror element but also for its noteworthy production design.


You can watch the videos in our first entry in this series here and here.

Featured Image: He Took His Skin Off For Me – Directed by Ben Aston