2. Sky Noises

Beginning in 2012 and 2013, social media users started uploading videos of ominous noises that seemed to emanate from the sky. Many remarked on the similarities of the sound to a symphonic trump or trumpet, an instrument associated with calling the apocalypse in multiple religions.

It’s worth noting that these noises were found in the skies over woodlands:

Over neighborhoods:

And, lest you feel hasty to dismiss the noises as a hoax of sound editing, here is a clip of the noises sounding over an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game, complete with acknowledgment from the TV announcer:

NASA has acknowledged, confirmed, and dismissed the phonemena as normal, but that hasn’t stopped the speculative storm of conspiracy theorists and doomsday sayers online.

Filmmaking Tips: This would work best in documentary form, perhaps authored by Rodney Ascher, who, with Room 237 and The Nightmare, has played on the idea of horror built from perception more than truth.

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