3. Two Corpses, One Con

It’s not often that burglars end their efforts by calling the cops, but that’s exactly what happened in Askeaton, Co Limerick Ireland when two would-be thieves broke into a home and discovered two corpses in a very bad state of decomposition.

Responding authorities discovered the bodies along with hundreds of rambling suicide notes, including instructions to contact an individual who, when contacted, proved to have no idea of who the couple was.

There were firearms in the residence, but no cause of death could be immediately determined. To make the story even stranger, it seems that the female body may be that of a renowned and accomplished con artist.

Filmmaking Tips: This would have to be a bit of a genre crossover, a film with one foot in horror and another in mystery and thriller, perhaps the landscape wherein David Fincher has proven to work best.

Source: Independent IE

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