4. Devil’s Trees (New Jersey/Ohio)

There’s a solitary oak tree in Bernards Township, New Jersey with gnarled limbs and branches. The ground around the tree is always bare, regardless of snowfall, and local residents claim that it is always warm to the touch. Some say it’s even a gateway to hell.

The New Jersey Devil Tree carries a lot of fabled legacy—including a story that the tree was on the property of a central office of the Ku Klux Klan, that a man murdered his family on the ground of the tree, and visitors who touch the tree are later chased by a black Ford Truck (source: Wikipedia).

Many large and small film projects have attempted to tackle New Jersey’s folklore version of the tree, but none has been attempted on a new and obvious sister story.

Last year, a group of hikers outside of Defiance, Ohio captured startling footage of a tree that appeared to burning from the inside with no external signs of fire.

Filmmaking Tips: Given the unsuccessful attempts to turn this story and Mike Flanagan’s successful attempt at adding a chapter to the once-DOA Ouija film, perhaps the two should meet?

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