6. Missing Man’s Facebook Becomes Very, Very Active

When Charlie Carver and Kala Brown stood up one of their friends for an arranged dinner, it was the first sign that something was off.

Friends, family, and investigators soon realized something was amiss, as investigation of their house revealed that the front door was unlocked, their perscriptions were in the cabinet, and their pet Pomeranian was wandering freely on his own. But the couple was in fact missing.

Carver was never really active on Facebook, which made it all the more startling for his loved ones when, weeks later, his account changed their relationship status to “married” and someone began posting messages.

Innoucous memes took on an insidious tone—“Sometimes late at night I dig a hole in the backyard to keep the nosy neighbor’s guessing,” read one meme. The closing lines of The Eagles’ hit Hotel California were placed into his timeline. The account’s user posted news about the couple’s disappearance and even replied to friends asking questions.

When a friend asked about Kala’s whereabouts, the account responded with “kala is with her husband charlie.” The account responded to a similar question with “who the f––– are you to question me about my girlfriend?”

To date, investigators have yet to deliver the subpoena to collect evidence from Facebook, but Facebook has agreed to surrender login IP information when that happens.

Filmmaking Tips: Horror needs to find more opportunity in cyberspace, and what better director than Unfriended’s Leo Gabriadze.

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Source: Washington Post