The Westfield Watcher

In 2014, the owners of a house in Westfield, New Jersey filed a suit against the former owners of their house after receiving menacing letters from an anonymous stalker regarding their home and family. The new owners alleged that they were not informed of the house’s unwanted surveillance.

The watcher, as he referred to himself, explained in his letters that his grandfather had once watched the house and now it was his turn. He explained that he had requested that the previous owners bring him “young blood.” “Do you need to fill the house with the young blood I requested. Once I know their names I will draw them to me,” he wrote. “Have you found what I hid in the walls?” he asked in another letter.

Each nonsensical and unsolicited correspondence becomes even more chilling to read than the last. This year, the house was placed on sale once again.

Filmmaking Tips: Rights to the Westfield Watcher film have already been purchase and efforts to make the film are underway, so I won’t jinx this with my own prediction as I hope for the best.

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Source: New York Times

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