Author: Christopher Aguiar

The Influence of Silent Cinema on John Wick 2

“We want to let you know we’re having fun and we stole this all from silent movie people.” These are the words of Chad Stahelski, a former stuntman responsible for manning the outrageously brilliant John Wick franchise. Before we first see John Wick killing off opponents via a speeding car in the opening minutes of John Wick 2, we see images from Buster Keaton’s The General projected onto a building. This image is just a straightforward homage to this 2017 film’s early influences and no further reason for its inclusion is provided. Or is there? Keaton, renowned for his...

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Criterion Discovery: Fat Girl

Background: Catherine Breillat’s 2001 outing, Fat Girl, followed her controversial explorations of sexuality in Perfect Love! and 36 Fillette with aplomb. Whereas these earlier films seemingly fetishized male power over women, Fat Girl explores the fragility of women in a patriarchal society. In this sense, the women of the film are given a voice that evokes empathy and a brutal sadness. This is Breillat’s only film in the Criterion slate, spine #259. Story: Fat Girl juxtaposes the life of two adolescent sisters, the overweight 12-year-old Anaïs and the socially approved, 15-year-old beauty Elena. The sisters share a deep sibling love for one...

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