Author: Ethan Warren

The Uncanny Terror of Carnival of Souls

A young woman travels a bleak, lonely road at dusk. We don’t know much about her, but we know all we need: she’s fleeing a past suddenly defined by trauma. She lives in a world she no longer understands. She’s crossing the country to start again. As she drives, she peers around, as though monitoring her surroundings for the next calamity. When she turns back to the windshield, there’s a ghoulish man in the middle of a pitch-black highway (wait a minute, wasn’t it dusk a moment ago?) and as we zoom towards him—or he zooms towards us; it’s...

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The Three Shinings and The Problem With Adapting Stephen King

I was eleven years old when The Shining happened to me. Stephen King had been a fixture of my life for years, though I barely understood why. I had watched cooler classmates tote around black paperbacks emblazoned with some impressionistic symbol—a bleached skull with stars in the sockets and a clown’s nose; a red spray of flame with a wide, frightened eye at the center—the titles always a few sizes smaller than his name, clearly the true selling point. Just the sight of one of those books aroused an urgent curiosity that was only stoked by my parents’ refusal...

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