Author: Grace Porter

The Other Woman

Overview: After discovering her boyfriend is actually married, a woman strikes up an unusual relationship with his wife and the women plot revenge. Twentieth Century Fox;  2014; Rated PG-13; 109 Minutes. Serial Cheater: Did you just l-o-v-e John Tucker Must Die? Was your only complaint that the cast wasn’t 30 years older and lacing more scenes with bowel movement jokes than presumably dinner with a thirty-something Adam Sandler would entail? I have the film for you! The Formula: Director Nick Cassavettes (The Notebook, My Sister’s Keeper) probably thinks he’s got comedic gold here. Grab Cameron Diaz for your mistress leading lady...

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Halloween (1978)

Overview: A man, who as a child was institutionalized for killing his sister, escapes his mental hospital to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting group of suburban teenagers. Compass International Pictures. 1978. Rated R. 91 minutes. Why It Still Works: Thirty-five years later, Halloween continues to thrill, and its longevity boils down to three components: characters, style, and music. Low budget, independent horror films tend to recruit the bottom of the barrel actors, something Halloween largely managed to evade. The film can attribute much of its lasting success  to the brilliantly cast Jamie Lee Cutis (Laurie Strode). The flawlessly executed...

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Jurassic Park

Overview: A trial run of a dinosaur theme park goes awry when the exhibits fail to contain their main attraction. Universal Pictures. 1993. Rated PG-13. 127 minutes. They’re baaccckkk: The best thing about Jurassic Park? Come on. It’s obvious. Even two decades later, the dinosaurs are still kick-ass, and necessarily so. The movie’s success is entirely dependent upon the believability of its dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg’s decision to nix stop-motion in favor of animatronics and the up-and-coming CGI ensured Jurassic Park’s giant leap from The Lost World and King Kong. While the transitions between animatronics and CGI aren’t flawless, the...

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