Author: John Chrostek

Cinema Saint: Douglas Trumbull, The Invisible Star

As an art, filmmaking is a delicate tightrope walk between what is imaginable and what is producible. While the incredible innovations in computer-generated imagery have certainly provided safety mechanisms for the modern film maker, considerable effort is still required to make the impossible feel, move, and act with realism and precision. The greatest artists of the medium, then, are those most adept at taking the ephemeral visions that cinema is built upon and making them a tangible reality. Douglas Trumbull, American filmmaker and visual effects innovator, turns 75 on April 8th. Son of Donald Trumbull (another notable visual effects...

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Netflix Hidden Gem: 3 Women

3 Women (1977) Director: Robert Altman Genre: Drama 20th Century Fox Synopsis: In a barren 1970s California desert town, a woman forms a complicated relationship with her mysterious co-worker at an elderly rehabilitation center. Overview: Among the deluge of outrageous and depressing headlines that came out of November 2016, Shelley Duvall’s appearance on Dr. Phil stood out. Duvall’s obvious mental illness became fodder for the kind of tabloid opportunism that turns human lives and stories into an “eyes at any cost” media strategy. There was of course a collective response of disapproval, but our attentions have been diverted to...

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