Author: Jonathan Miller

Reel Q Film Festival: Interview with Mitchell Leib

Reel Q , the Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival, is currently in progress and celebrating its twenty-ninth year of showcasing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered writers, directors, actors, and their work. Featured by Pittsburgh Magazine as as the best way to sample films from various cultures, the Reel Q festival continues to be a staple of the Pittsburgh cultural and cinematic experience. Located at the Harris Theater in Pittsburgh’s beloved Cultural District, the festival runs all this week with closing night being Saturday, Oct. 18. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Reel Q organizer and Pittsburgh Lesbian and...

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Colliding at the Top: Perfectly Timed Pairings of Actor and Director

Last week, we here at Audiences Everywhere discussed our all-time favorite movie trailers. This came on the heels of the release of the Interstellar full-length theatrical trailer. The buzz surrounding this movie is palpable. And it’s easy to understand the hype considering the film marks the convergence of an actor and a director who are both enjoying a historic upward trend from a career perspective. After The Prestige, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Inception, Nolan is a can’t-miss director, and McConaughey is riding a year’s worth of hits that include Dallas Buyers Club, Mud, and True Detective, His turns in each of these works not only generated high praise and awards, but the performances were so deserving of praise that no one even blinked or called into question when he thanked himself in his Oscar acceptance speech.  So now these unstoppable forces converge, at the right time, on a movie poised to be both a mega-blockbuster and an award season contender. Seems like an ideal scenario, and that got me thinking. When has this happened before, and what were the results? As stirring and powerful as the trailer for Interstellar makes the movie seem, it’s really the strength of Nolan’s last decade and  McConaughey’s last year that makes this feel like a recipe for success. Nolan has certainly enjoyed similar success by way of casting the best actors in the...

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Father’s Day Reflections: My Second Chance at a First Favorite Movie

So, we all like movies.  Where do you think that came from?  Did you watch (and become subsequently ruined by) the movie Bambi as a child?  Did your parents not allow viewing of movies or TV, leaving you to stumble upon Die Hard one weekend on network TV at your neighbor’s house and realize you were growing up in a cult?  Regardless of all the other brainwashing you received as a child, you were no doubt exposed to movies or television at some point during your childhood.  Unless you grew up in the very early 20th century, you had...

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5 Failed Tough-Guy Lines

I consider myself an expert on badass movie one-liners for one reason:  I’m a pacifist.  Every day in my normal existence, I encounter instances in which I wish I could come up with an on-the-spot quip of strength, brevity, and intimidation.   In my imagination, I roll through the office like Snake Plissken, leaving a cloud of awesome in my wake.  Say some meeting is taking way too much time.  My impulse tells me I should hit em with “I’ll be back” and bail to the strip club.   Or half the office is mad at me because I...

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9 Great Movie Pranks for April Fool’s Day

We all love a good practical joke.  Even our earliest scholars and authors have recounted tales of playful tomfoolery.  The art of pranking has become much more prevalent since methods of mass-communication have evolved.  Matter of fact, one of the first pony express telegraphs ever sent was a simple note: “Suck It.”  It was this act that spawned the phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger.”  Maybe. In more recent times, the great Orson Welles sent widespread panic to the whole nation with his iconic War of the Worlds radio broadcast.  Despite being fooled millions of ways and millions of times,...

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