Author: Joshua Losh

Spring Breakers

Overview:  Spring Breakers, written and directed by Harmony Korine, is the story of four college friends who lie, cheat, and steal their way to a spring break vacation that they will never forget. 2013; Rated R; 94 Minutes. Just Pretend it’s a Video Game: Spring Breakers isn’t a film for families. By adding popular Disney/ABC family stars into his movie, director Harmony Korine created a matinee billing that might have easily baited that audience and most likely did. The provided product, to the dismay of tweens and parents who fell for that bait-and-switch, is a drug-riddled, murder-filled movie that...

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The Darjeeling Limited

Overview: Three brothers gather in India to ride a train one year after their father’s death. Indian Paintbrush/Fox Searchlight Pictures; 2007; Rated R; 91 Minutes That’s My Train: Having expanded his scope with each passing film, Wes Anderson provides here a deeply personal tale of brotherhood. Family is well fed through the Wes Anderson anthology of films, but none of his other works have made the onscreen family conflict so barbaric or deeply affecting. Each brother arrives from different parts of the world, wearing the markings of tough times. Love loss, grieving, drug use, and depression have left Francis,...

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Overview: Astronaut Sam Bell attempts to finish out the last few weeks of his three year stay on the moon, but things start to unravel in an unimaginable way. 2009 Rated PG-13: 97 Minutes Space Oddity: First time director Duncan Jones builds a space epic set around Sam Bell’s (Sam Rockwell) descent into madness, and his coming to terms with a situation that is as bleak as the darkness on his side of the moon. The film builds its science-fiction strength by building up from a fictional but conceivable base: mining the moon for reality based Helium-3. The path...

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