Author: Ryan Horner

Three Rivers Film Festival: Short Films

Film culture tends to unfairly neglect the short film. There’s something amazing that can happen to a story when it’s stripped down to the bare necessities. Done well, the short film can captivate, amuse, and inspire in only a short amount of time. The six short productions from this year’s Three Rivers Film Festival attempt to do just that. Accepted Accepted is a documentary concerned with the life of Alexis Taylor Monroe, a genderqueer youth in search of kinship and communion in his new town. Alexis is twenty years old and has recently relocated from New York City to...

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Three Rivers Film Festival: Tower is An Ode to the Human Spirit

CyOverview: Keith Maitland’s Tower is a gripping memorial and urgent document regarding the 1966 shooting at University of Texas at Austin. Kino Lorber; 2016; Not Rated; 82 minutes. August 1, 1966: It was a serene and hot Texas day. Claire Wilson and Thomas Eckman amble across the University of Texas. They want to make it back to their car before it’s ticketed. Then, a sudden jolt and Claire collapses to the floor. Before the world becomes clear again, there’s another resounding crack and Thomas falls to the ground next to her — he doesn’t speak again. Claire lays on the blistering...

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