Author: Sean W. Fallon

Five Films to Start Your Korean Movie Obsession

I recently lived in South Korea for two and a half years. When I left I had developed a love for two things: K-Pop and Korean cinema. The love of K-Pop waned somewhat (not entirely, Big Bang are still my jam) but the love of the cinema remained. My enjoyment of Korean cinema is based upon the fact that the Korean movies I have watched and enjoyed have shared two main characteristics, confidence and unpredictability. I feel like Korean directors are more willing to test their audience and zig when we expect a zag, making for a movie experience...

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The Exorcist

The following review of The Exorcist, written by Sean Fallon, first appeared on the wonderful film site Writer Loves Movies… An Homage To Our Love For Cinema, where film critic Natalie Stendall is hosting guest contributors in a search to determine why we love the movies we love.   — I love procedural movies. Anything that takes you through the nitty-gritty of a murder investigation or a well-planned heist is like catnip to me. A big reason why I love The Exorcist is because it isn’t the film that we think it is. People who have never watched it assume it’s a gory, jumpy, fast-paced horror film about a possessed girl doing crazy things for two hours. All of the marketing and all of the iconic images of the film focus upon Regan’s transformation from sweet little girl into foul-mouthed monster. If someone quotes a line from The Exorcist to you it will probably come from Regan (or it will simply be “The power of Christ compels you!”). In reality the movie is actually very slow and almost boring at times as it painstakingly shows, on one side, the agony of a mother helplessly watching her daughter succumb to some kind of illness/madness and on the other, the torments of a priest experiencing a crisis of faith following the death of his mother. The Exorcist was directed by William...

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