Author: Shawn Glinis

The Skin I Live In & the Art of the Autobiography

Pedro Almodóvar’s catalog is an extremely unique, monolithic set of films. His body of work is often classified as personal, perhaps a result of his recognizable, inimitable style. His films ooze with a distinct synthesis of characteristics and attitude, often foregrounding women’s desires and dangers against lush set design and flamboyant melodrama. What’s interesting about this classification of Almodóvar as a “personal filmmaker,” is that his films are almost never about him. There’s never an Almodóvar avatar; he doesn’t have a Guido Anselmi, an Alvy Singer or an Antoine Doinel. Maybe this is because he treads so thoroughly in...

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Scenes from a Marriage: The Genre Subversions of True Lies

James Cameron’s filmography is a series of attempts to revise the Hollywood landscape through excess. During press for True Lies, he told Entertainment Weekly, ”People are being conditioned to expect less and accept less from a movie these days. I’d rather push the other way. If I make a movie once every two years, I want it to be the best. More is more.” That was the second time James Cameron made the most expensive movie ever. It was 1994 and Arnold Schwarzenegger was cinema’s largest action star. He spent the previous decade filling his CV with films like...

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