Author: Staley Sharples

‘Unforgettable’ is a Flawed Movie Destined to be More Hated for Being Honest About Itself

Overview: A divorcee (Katherine Heigl) gives her ex-husband’s new girlfriend (Rosario Dawson) the worst welcome to the neighborhood of all time. Warner Bros.; 2017; Rated R; 100 minutes. Is Katherine Heigl Our Joan Crawford?: Watching Unforgettable in a half-empty small theater, I thought to myself, “poor Katherine Heigl.” Her show Doubt was canned after just two episodes this February. Her attempts at big screen comebacks have led her to winning the Razzie for Worst Actress. Now, with the erotic thriller Unforgettable set to bomb in its competition against the eighth installment of ultra dudebro action franchise F8 of the Furious,...

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Three Words That Will Stick With Matt Novack Forever

Having worked on the Adult Swim TV Show Children’s Hospital and feature-length comedies such as Role Models, They Came Together, and the upcoming How To Be A Latin Lover, Matt Novack is an experienced composer with a keen ear for just the right music to compliment comedy. I had the pleasure of speaking to Matt Novack about his work on these projects, and how he goes about developing a score with some of the most well-known actors and directors in comedy. — Staley Sharples (AE): Tell me a little more about your background. How did you first get started composing?...

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Fist Fight Hits Below the Belt

Overview: After an incident involving rebellious students, two high school teachers go head-to-head for an old-fashioned fist fight in the parking lot. Warner Bros.; 2017; Rated: R; 91 minutes. The Angry Black Man: Fist Fight is a ham-fisted attempt to provide commentary on an underfunded education system and the damage it does to the teachers and students within that system. Instead, it reveals itself to be a film that takes some of the brightest stars in comedy and reduces them to one-dimensional, offensive stereotypes. Ice Cube’s character, tough-guy teacher Ronald Strickland, is initially positioned as the film’s villain. Strickland is...

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Netflix Hidden Gem: Inside Job

Inside Job (2010) Directed by: Charles Ferguson Genre: Documentary Sony Pictures Classics Synopsis: A documentary that deconstructs the factors that led to the Credit Crisis of 2008. Overview: Inside Job, Charles Ferguson’s searing documentary about the Credit Crisis, is one of the most deliberate and unrelenting investigations in the popular documentary canon. Taking a politically liberal stance, the film condemns the bankers and government employees in power, and in some ways plays almost as if the director is deconstructing a mastermind heist. Even the title Inside Job is a fitting descriptor for the work done by the film’s interviewees, detailing their roles...

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Keep In Touch Explores Past Lives

Overview: After a personal crisis, Colin Glennon finds himself revisiting his past and attempting to track down his childhood sweetheart. Finding out she died in a car accident many years earlier, he comes across her younger sister Jessie, resulting in unintentional romance and hard truths for the both of them. Unbundled Underground; 2015; Not Rated; 109 minutes. Rebuilding:  From the beginning of the film, it’s evident Colin Glennon (Ryan Patrick Bachand) has been in prison. For how long or for what reason, we initially don’t know. In those early scenes, Colin seems to be stripped of self-confidence with the...

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