After an Ant-Man teaser that didn’t quell the masses, Marvel has released another trailer for the much anticipated Age of Ultron. If the Ant-Man teaser was half as good as this, there would be no need for debate. I won’t compare it to the first Age of Ultron trailer but I will say these are easily on the same level of brilliance that makes geeks salivate.

The trailer continues selling the utter dread that the first film lacked. Loki is a fun villain that could handle Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in several battles of wits, Ultron is the guy who will “…tear them apart, from the inside…” This is not a happy adventure for the Avengers. This is a battle for their very survival. The decision to use traditionally upbeat music amongst the visuals of destruction and heroes screaming makes the affair feel off-balance. Endless armies of grey robots are usually tiring, but just from the trailer alone, James Spaderbot and his Spaderbot babies actually feel like threats. It helps that they’re bastardizations of armor that has come previously from the Iron Man movies, and we catch a quick glimpse of an Ultron drone going hand-to-hand with Captain America.

One line in particular that catches my attention: Black Widow mentions “We have no place in the world,” a theme that writer/director Joss Whedon intended to explore in this movie. How do these characters fit in here? Now that SHIELD is gone, it’s a “who watches the watchmen?” idea mixed in with some heavy Skynet vibes. In a worst case scenario of Age of Ultron somehow not being even remotely good, at least they’ll have swung hard for the fences.

  • If you needed proof that Hawkeye has a bigger role, the trailer opens with him rescuing a large group of civilians.
  • It’s a bit silly when you think about Bruce Banner’s reaction to Ultron, as the villain responds with “In the flesh.” I’d hate to be the guy that breaks it to him that he has no flesh.
  • Nick Fury probably has a most minor role in the film as we don’t get any new footage of him.
  • The scenes with that mysterious woman in the cave looks awfully similar to the cave Thor found himself in the previous trailer.
  • Also all the imagery of hospitals and Black Widow footage pretty much confirms the idea that we’ll see Natasha’s backstory.
  • Ultron’s design is so, so good. He’s not overly complicated. Just a nice sleek design that is interesting to look at while being different from other classic robot designs.
  • After Ultron says “I’m gonna tear you apart” he shoots out electricity like a gunslinger drawing his pistol. I’d be slightly turned on if he wasn’t trying to kill all of us.
  • More Andy Serkis is always a good thing.
  • Calling it: The Hulk vs Iron Man fight will be a standout moment of the movie. This is why Bruce Banner can’t have nice things.


Feature Image:  Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios