Weekend Box Office

Still making its way as the biggest flop of 2015, Avengers: Age of Ultron took in $77.75 million this weekend. The film dropped 59% since last weekend, which is the highest of any Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 second weekend drop-off, but Marvel Studios movies nowadays tend to hold strong (compared to other non-comic book blockbusters) and drop off around the 50-60% range, so this is no exception. It did have a strong first week at the domestic box office. The film has grossed $313.4 million domestic in 10 days (which is the third highest ten day gross, behind The Avengers and The Dark Knight, so of course comic book films are “dying”).

Earth’s Mightiest blew Comedy’s Dullest out of the water, as the Reese Witherspoon/Sofia Vergara comedy Hot Pursuit only made $13.94 million this weekend. Prior to the weekend, analysts were predicting a $18 million opening, but with the combined might of the Avengers and mostly negative reviews, the film just didn’t hit. This is much lower than Witherspoon’s last comedy, This Means War, which opened to $17.4 million. With the opening of another female led comedy this week, Pitch Perfect 2, and the onslaught of summer movies coming out, it’s very unlikely this film will make back its $35 million production budget.

The Age of Adaline comes in at 3rd place with $5.82 million, competing against Furious 7, which came behind it this week with $5.41 million. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 rounds out the Top 5 again with $5.31 million.

Outside the Top 5, Ex Machina expanded its release and brought in $3.5 million. Other films that opened this week are the limited release Maggie, which grossed $131K, and the Jack Black/James Marsden comedy The D Train, which opened in 1,000 locations yet to a disappointing $469K.

Overseas Numbers 

The Age of Ultron is definitely reaching most parts of the world. The film is currently up to a $562 million gross internationally, making major bank in countries like South Korea, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and many more. The film still has yet to open in Japan and China, where it is expected to make a big splash like recent blockbusters such as Transformers: Age of Extinction and Furious 7 have. It will open in China tomorrow, and it’ll probably cross the $1 billion dollar line by the end of the week.

CHAPPiE became the highest grossing movie in China this past weekend, outgrossing Furious 7 and bringing in $10.39 million. Furious 7 grossed $9.54 million, and its current worldwide total stands at $1.47 million.

Pitch Perfect 2 opened in Australia and New Zealand this past weekend, a week earlier than its US release date. In Austrailia, it opened to $8.8 million (which is severely above its predecessor’s $2.18 million opening, and Austrailia turned out to be a big earner for the first film). It opened in New Zealand to $1.2 million, which makes it the 3rd biggest opening in New Zealand this year, behind Age of Ultron and Furious 7.

Breaking Records

No major records were broken this week, but it’s worthy to note that Disney’s Cinderella has now crossed the $500 million mark, and is the 4th highest grossing movie of the year, behind Furious 7, Age of Ultron, and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Prediction Time!

In case you missed last week’s first ever Box Office roundup, at the end of every one of these posts, I’ll be predicting the Top 5 of next week’s domestic weekend box office. You can chime in as well in the comments, and whoever gets all five correctly, gets a spot in Anton Reyes’ Hall of Good Guessers.

Apparently, I got 2 out of my 5 guesses last week right. I put Furious 7 over Adaline, but it was close! I also stupidly put Maggie at #5 when it was a limited release, but whatever. Anyway, here are my next picks:

1.) Avengers: Age of Ultron
2.) Pitch Perfect 2
3.) Mad Max: Fury Road
4.) The Age of Adaline
5.) Hot Pursuit