Regardless of the final picture, Man of Steel had some of the best trailers ever constructed by human hands. Terrence Malick inspired imagery with a new Zimmer score that looked to evoke classic Superman mythos? Wow. Individual lines packed quite the punch with Kevin Costner’s “You are my son” still managing to choke me up whenever I come across those iconic trailers. If the hype for Batman v. Superman has led to any disappointment, it’s a lack of great trailers. Some loved the first, some hated it. Some loved the second, others hated it. Then this trailer comes along, breaks the door down, and shoves your face in all the potential of a movie where Batman fights Superman. This “Final” trailer works on nearly every level. Nearly.

Batman seems as acrobatic as Batman should be in his ninja-like form (he’s probably a hell of a salsa dancer) but it still looks like Superman is the villain of his own sequel, which is odd. There have been claims that this isn’t a true sequel to Man of Steel but here’s the hot take: if you make a movie and follow it up with another movie that continues the story, that’s a sequel. What these trailers should have done is position Superman as someone continuing on his journey as Superman when a mysterious dark knight from Gotham comes to town and begins unraveling his life. Batman should have been positioned as the villain. At the very least, they should have done individual trailers to understand both sides of the argument. As of right now, Superman is the more antagonistic of the two and is responsible for devastation that left thousands dead. That still doesn’t feel right. Anyways, I find myself hoping the movie delivers on the promise of this final trailer.