Woah! Okay. That first trailer for Zach Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was nothing to write home about, but here I’m more positive on than I thought I’d be.

While there’s some cool imagery that still manages to makes Metropolis look, admittedly, too bleak, there’s also a look at the pre-established conflict from Man of Steel which caused an uproar among fans of Superman, and is now going to be the primary motivator for conflict in Batman v Superman (it’s all so meta, man). Regardless of what you believe about Superman being responsible for the sequence of massive-destruction at the end of Man of Steel, Snyder’s take on the DC Universe is at least confronting the conflict head on.

And Ben Affleck looks like New Age Ben Affleck here, and he fills out the Bat-suit nicely. The bulky, chubby appearance the suit had in previous footage looked too blocky to be mobile, but here we get a look at him in action, tossing people aside and going straight at Superman (and I believe this guy could go toe-to-toe with a Kryptonian, from what we’re shown here).

Moving on, I’m glad Clark Kent’s work at the Daily Planet is still in effect here, as it’s an important part of the character that shouldn’t be forgotten. Henry Cavill looks like Superman jumped out of the comics, so even if the film fundamentals of Superman are lost in this adaptation, he’ll still look nice (which is also, coincidentally, the big takeaway from every Zach Snyder movie).

My  other big reaction? We get to see Wonder Woman in action! Gal Gadot looks great in and out of her suit, and I’m sure she’ll hold her own against the other actors in the film. What’s that big explosion thing she causes? Why is she painted as a villain? So many questions I thought I wouldn’t care about!

And then: Lex Luthor! Jesse Eisenberg’s, “The red capes are coming,” line sounds a little hokey, which isn’t a complaint, as this movie could use a little hokey. Where’d he get kryptonite? What’s he using Zod’s body for? Doomsday (it’s totally Doomsday).

This is a solid trailer that makes me ask the right questions for a movie I had begun losing hope for, so let’s hope the movie delivers the goods.