Beth Reynolds

Beth is a native of West Virginia, where she grew up watching entirely too much television and movies.  Since it’s rather difficult to turn that into a living, (in Appalachia at least) she decided tAE Pico study English Education to teach the youth of America to watch less and read more (her other passion).  Somewhere along the way she discovered she was not very good at teaching, but extremely skilled at criticizing (pause while every male reading rolls his eyes…isn’t it called nagging?).

Recently Beth relocated for work to the greater Pittsburgh area, where she does a whole slew of important things with documents for a large oil and gas company, you can think of it as pushing papers if you’d like.  She loves her job, but would much rather have a heated discussion about movies than fracking.  Beth still watches entirely too much television, but she still also reads excessively, so it should all even out intellectually, right?Along with a knack for criticism, Beth also has strong opinions on all things entertainment, such as the following:  Batman is the best superhero, Star Wars trumps Star Trek, Adam Sandler is not funny, and vampires should NEVER sparkle.  Buffy Summers is the most kick ass chick of all time, and Game of Thrones is the best show on television at the moment.

When she’s not expressing some of said strong opinions in movie reviews that you all most certainly enjoy reading, Beth can usually be found binge-watching  Fringe or Lost, reading a good whodunnit novel, or buying really expensive shoes.  Also, if she attended Hogwarts she would undoubtedly be a Gryffindor.

If you would like to chat about any of these things, feel free to contact Beth through email or Twitter: @breynolds87

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